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One Year since EJ was Spawned….Woot Woot!!

Evil Joy here with a post on getting older.  And that being gooder.

Yup.  A year ago today, EJ came to life.  While Evil Joy Speaks isn’t a year old yet, EJ has spread the happiness on Facebook for exactly one year.

Here’s that first post….on Facebook…


26 Nov 2011

Evil Joy here with a sarcastic update for my followers: As many of you know Brent has a short beard and I strongly dislike it!!!!! Well. Another wonderful person here at the hospital that I know from Hudson mentioned the first thing she does to her ICU men is shave off those beards. I looked at her and smiled a conspiratory grin. And his nurse for the day said he’d try to get to it if he can. If not “She’ll be back tonight!”

Off with the beard I say!

Happy to say last night I shaved Dr. Evil’s head (at his request) and he’s off and running (literally) this morning already.

Woot Woot! It’s my birthday It’s my birthday!!

Party like it’s my birthday!!!  And to celebrate – I gave up the sweet nectar of life today.  God Help those around me.  Be nice!!  Or I’ll definitely go Evil on Your Arse!

EJ out – to get my second cup of *gulp* coffee.


If you want to get me a present but are too cheap – simply click on the Top Mommy Blogs link to cast a vote for yours truly.  Thanks!


  1. Happy Birthday EJ. Must be nice to have 2 bdays!!

    • Evil Giggle…I get three – my EJ spawn day, my EJ Blog spawn day, and Joy’s birthday!!! It’s sort of spread out nicely too – Nov, Jan, March….

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