Mom. Mother. Mama. Ma. MOM! Mommy.

Moms. Somehow we have become mothers like our mothers before us. I understand the mechanics of how and deeply appreciate the why. But there isn’t an instruction manual.

If you buy a crib at IKEA it comes home with instructions in several languages. And the instruction set you mostly likely use is simply illustrated. But this new little PERSON – there’s no set instructional manual to follow. There are no S.O.P. – no step by step instructions. Just a few books and pamphlets from the hospital or doctor’s office.

My mom was there when my son was born – let me tell you it was a long process. She found a ride back to the hospital at midnight when they finally (after 72 hours of induction gone nowhere) to be there for Eldest’s arrival into this world via c-section. She was there for each baby after that too. And for countless other things. She has taught me to be a better person not only with her words but in her actions.

My mom has been such an integral part of my life I wanted to share it with you.

Only Trollops Shave Above the Knee: The Crazy, Brilliant, and Unforgettable Lessons We’ve Learned from Our Mothers put together by the amazing Crystal Ponti and the Blue Lobster Book Co. is out there waiting for you.


Crystal gathered together talented writers and we all shared lessons and stories from our moms. I am more than honored to be included. Lessons include but are not limited to “Don’t Eat Yellow Snow,” “Wear clean underwear,” and “This too shall pass.”

Mother’s Day is around the corner and what better gift to present to my mom than a book.  And guess what – your mom will love it too!  Click on the link below or check out my home page to order.  Order it today and you’ll have it for Mother’s Day this weekend!!!

Only Trollops Shave Above the Knee is available NOW. You can find the book on Amazon for Kindle or print and also B& Available soon on the Apple store. Spread the word about this perfect present for Mother’s Day…and every day.

And once again friends – thanks for sticking around. I’ve had several technical difficulties with my computer and this post was go out last week. My apologies to Crystal on the delay. Regular posting schedule to return!!!

EJ out – to work on fixing the rest of the issues with this lovely computer. (Maybe if I talk sweet to her she’ll work for me???)

Get it today!  Only Trollops Shave Above the Knee: The Crazy, Brilliant, and Unforgettable Lessons We’ve Learned from Our Mothers.