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Really Dr. Evil…Really…..?

Evil Joy here with a post on Dr. Evil and his attempt to give me a coronary.

So if you’re reading this post, hopefully you’ve read about why I’m here.  Why Evil Joy exists.  And Dr. Evil.  And our spawn.

If you don’t know, go check it out.

So in November of this year, Dr. Evil got a cold.  Seriously?  Do you know the Evil Anxiety that exists in my world every time that man sniffles, sneezes, or looks slightly like he may do one of those two thing?  Let’s just say there’s medication and therapy involved.  For me.  Not him.  He’s all good.  I’m not.  Not yet.  I will be one day.

So on Monday he had his anniversary checkup – blood work – and doctor visit.  He was all good but for this cold.  So his WBC was slightly elevated.  Due his now high risk status, flu and pneumonia shots were recommended and administered.

By Monday night, he was not feeling well.  Tuesday…miserable.  Chills, fever, sore arm, yucky all around.  Wednesday he left work early due to feeling ill.

OMWord.  The only other time he’s done that was last year.  When he almost died.  And according to several doctors, he should have died based on how sick he was.  (They can’t believe he’s still here kicking and back to his normal self.)

I texted our doctor (she’s cool like that) and she said for him to go straight to the clinic.  Now.  Get tested for influenza.  And hope that’s what it is.

Who hopes for influenza?

I do, I do!


No luck.  She said to make sure whoever he saw did a COMPLETE and FULL blood workup if he didn’t have influenza.

His WBC jumped to 22000.


My heart stopped.  She called to talk me off the ledge.  I was panicking, freaking out, ready to puke, and having a meltdown all inside of my head while remaining mostly calm on the outside for my spawn.  They all went on alert when Daddy came home and sat on the couch with Gatorade and didn’t move.  I don’t think he realizes how this all affected them too…..

So in we went on Thursday.  He didn’t feel any better…but not any worse either.  She drew on him to mark the hot spots.


We went home.  He felt better enough to be a jerk and make me mad.  I felt better.  Sort of.  At least I didn’t revert to the “You can do anything you want, say anything you want, and be a jerk – it’s all good just because you’re ALIVE.”  I lived in that place for a long, long time.  I have left that island.  Will not return.  (Tough luck Dr. Evil.)

Littlest Spawn and I stayed out of the house so he could have quiet.  Dr. Evil planted on the couch with his work computer and was very productive.  He started to really feel better and went up to bed.  And continued working.  So he really did feel better.

Today dawned.  Appointment with the doctor again.  All signs point to a infection/reaction to the shots….and him being on the recovery side of things.  No more 102 degree fever.  No more chills and sweats.  No more feeling just yucky.  We have a new drawing on his arm – well – additional drawing –  but he’s AT WORK LATE because HE’S A DORK so I can’t take a picture right now.  I don’t mind him working late.  That’s totally not the EVIL ISSUE.  But for him to be sick enough to leave work and go through all this the past few days……only to go back after lunch today and plan on staying late tonight….it seems STUPID.  Incredibly smart man – freaking, scary smart man….ummm…no COMMON SENSE.

Okay…enough of my ranting.  To put it in perspective for myself…..

Last year…..I can’t do it – I was going to put a picture of him on life support on here.  I can’t do it.  I can’t.

This year…no life support pictures to make me cry.

EJ out – to pack for Iowa.  And stop worrying.  And work on staying calm while being extremely pissed off.

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  1. I’m glad he’s feeling better. Now stop worrying and get to packing.

    • I’m a packing – just finished Christmas card order….not writing them out – just ordering them…but with the prednisone she put me on I think I’m going to be awake and scrubbing ceilings and light fixtures after I’m done packing tonight.

      Hugs – you’re the best!

  2. Reaction to the shot? The shot he is suppose to get to head off something worse? Sighhhh – It’s like yelling fire in the theater – after you barely survived a fire and then the yelling starts a spark. wait… what? Sighhh – like you haven’t been through enough. Happy packing – take some benadryll just in case – you know – so you can sleep on the way : ) take care! -Julie F.
    (Yes, my longin name is different. It’s a nickname from my childhood.)

    • Right?! And he called it all along – he’s going to be Hellish Dr. Evil to live with since he thought it was from the shot. I hate when he’s right. Not when I’m wrong, just when he’s right and has no background knowledge. Just freaking super smart man (whom I love dearly.)

      Benedryl plus prednisone – maybe at least a little calmer and less itchy?

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