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Remembering My Youth

Here’s a question for you.  If you could be any age again for a week what age would you choose?

And you have to go back.  Thinking about the future is for another post.

So many choices!

Do I go back to when I was 4 and all of my siblings still lived at home and we a dog named Penny?  I don’t remember a lot of that time period except we had a lot of people in the house (my siblings and parents) and I got to go to work with my mom and roller skate in the hallways while she worked.

Do I go back to kindergarten on the very first day? I met my best friend that day.  She still is my best friend.

How about in 3rd grade when I got to fly to see my other best friend after she moved away?  My mom had her first flight as I had my first flight.  That was quite the week!

What about 5th grade when I stood up for myself for the very first time?  I clearly remember telling someone “I’m not fat, you’re being mean!”  From that day on, I felt empowered!

How about the middle school dance where my boyfriend took the whole “Sadie Hawkins” thing to a new level and when I arrived to pick him up (with my sister driving us) he had on more makeup that I did!  And a dress.  And earrings.  And heels.  And PANTYHOSE!

What about high school?  So much emotion and drama.  So many new experiences.  And I met Dr. Evil at band camp.  Yes…this one time…at Band Camp….I met my future husband.  I’m like American Pie and Megan Trainor all rolled into one.

What about the week when at 18 I moved to college in Rolla, Missouri?  Band camp, instant family, applied mathematics.

How about when we got married?  Still in college just 20 years old.  All the drama and excitement of that week.  Dr. Evil’s roommate wrecked his car the week before our wedding so we had even more excitement.  All the dresses, the tuxedos (they were lost for a day – all of them!), the family and friends.  The photos, the cake, our vows.

How about the day we moved from Rolla, Missouri to St. Paul, Minnesota?  Our first anniversary!  December 28, 1997.  It was FREAKING COLD!  But we got to stay in a nice hotel and eat at some fancy-schmancy restaurants courtesy of his new company.  Pretty cool digs for a 21 year old!

What about the day I started my new job?  I graduated in December and started my first real job in January.  After being up here for a year.  It was very intense.  But pretty cool.

But wait!  What about when we moved into the house we had built four months later?  That was super exciting!  All of my marching band friends helped up move!  The computer chair ride down the hill that ended in a crash.  Sleeping in the living room because they installed the wrong carpet in our bedroom.  Trying to light the pilot light on a gas stove with a match because we didn’t know how to use gas appliances.

Oh…but oh.  The excitement and pure joy followed by extreme terror of finding out I was pregnant.  I was just 23.  Married for 3 years, with a job, in a new house, and now…expecting a baby.  And oh so sick.  I loved every minute of it.

But the week I found I was pregnant with my second was pretty amazing too.  I’d experience that week all over again!

What about when we decided to take a leap of faith and move to Wisconsin, just across the boarder.  That was an exciting week – we found this house – our home.  The first day.  We found it and we looked no further.  We moved in and have made it ours.  The move was pretty exciting!  But honestly I don’t know if I’m up for that week.  We lost a baby that week.  I was newly pregnant and had a miscarriage.  I think I’ll skip that week.

How about when Eldest started kindergarten?  That was an amazing week.  We had a newborn in the house, a big 5 year and a little crazy 2 year old!  And amazing friends.  So much to do and see and I was really finding my feet here in Hudson.  That would be fun…..

But wait!!   2007 was pretty cool!  We had another baby, lots of family near by and lots of family from far able to visit a lot.  There are several weeks of that year I’d relive in a heartbeat.

I’ll kindly skip a few of the months in 2011 and 2012.

How about when I started blogging and met Snarkfest?  That was flipping cool.  And still is.  Or the week I got to fly out and meet her?  Or when my favorite stalker (met through Snarkfest) flew out here to hang with me?

But from what I’m writing here, I’m realizing I want to live today and enjoy the memories of all the past weeks in my life.  Why re-experience only one week from my past when I can cherish the memories of each and continue to make the most of today?

What about you?  Is there that one moment in time you’d love to relive?  Tell me!!

A HUGE shout out to Silence of the Mom for giving me this awesome prompt!  I am so glad to walk down memory lane recalling things I hadn’t thought of in years.

This has been a Secret Subject Swap. This week, 12 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.  My subject was “If you could be any age again for a week, which would you choose?”

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  1. Perfect. Smile at the memories but live in the present.

  2. wow so many amazing memories that have shaped who you are. I wuld have a hard time narrowing it down to just one age…then I’d be afraid I’d mess up the future and come back to a me I didn’t like.

    • I have been watching a show on Apple TV – Continuum – it involved time travel and divergent time lines – so a totally mind mystery – brain hurts when I think too hard about it!!! But I’m sure you wouldn’t mess up a thing and would be the perfect you you are!!!! Have a great day!

  3. I completely agree!!! It’s all about living in the NOW!! Remember the past but live in NOW!! 😀
    Love this post!!!!

    • Remember and cherishing or remember and learn from – all make up who we are!! Our past doesn’t define us but can shape us in good ways if we allow!!! Have a great day and I’m off to try a few things off of your blog!

  4. I loved reading about your many favorite moments and get to know you a little better! Thank you for sharing your good times!

    I’m listening to a Christmas music mix as I’m going from post to post. Right now “last Christmas” is on. So I would choose a time in December 1984 (it was a great year music-wise anyway) I met an ex of mine. It was a very cold winter with lots of snow, but I was all warm and fuzzy inside 🙂

    • I love the warm and fuzzies of new love! I was only 15 when I met Dr. Evil – the warm and fuzzies were intensified by being a teenager!!! Thanks for always commenting – you’re the best!

  5. I’m with you: live for today and cherish the memories!

  6. Sounds like a lot of great time to remember. So many of us have nothing but bad memories we’d like to replace.

  7. All these different memories helped shape and bring you to who you are now. It’s always fun to reminisce but totally with you-it’s so much better to live in the now.

  8. Love love love. Thank you for the trip down your memory lane. Wonderful post.
    I’d probably like to relive a week of my pregnancy with my first daughter. I’d like to go into it knowing she was going to become an angel. I’d enjoy it more, worry less, and talk to her so so so much more.

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