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Rules and Evil Joy’s Evil Rule Following….

Evil Joy here with a post on rules.  Following all said rules to the point of insanity.

See, I’m a rule follower.  I am The Rule Follower.  The Evil Rule Follower.  Do you understand I follow the rules?

Even more important – I HATE breaking rules.  I don’t like getting in trouble.  I don’t like rocking the boat.  I don’t like knowing I could get in trouble.  With anyone.  Ever.  Never Ever.  Never never ever.


I’m learning to step over the Evil Line once in a while – especially since becoming Evil Joy.  But I digress….here’s a story to illustrate how crazy I am about following rules.


The year….sometime before 1996 – before Evil Joy was spawned and even before Dr. Evil and Evil Joy were married.  I think it was 1995…..maybe…I don’t know.

The place….San Francisco California. Specifically – the area of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The scene….I’m visiting Dr. Evil while he co-ops for Dow Chemical out in California.  He takes me out to show me the sites.  The Golden Gate Bridge is one I really want to visit again – I was there the summer I met him and that seems so perfect in my young sweet mind.  Now we can visit it together!  I saw it right before I met you and now we’re here together…aaahhhhhh (no gagging allowed – this is my story).

Parking was horrendous.  Terrible.  Finally Dr. Evil parked his little red Chevy in an ILLEGAL spot…along with 3,000 other people.

I was sick.  I was so worried we were going to be towed.  And it would cost money.  And it would result in a ticket.  Which would affect his already sky high insurance rates.  And since we were getting married would make OUR rates even higher.  Plus we’d get in trouble.  TROUBLE!?  EVIL TROUBLE.  I don’t like getting in trouble.

I hardly enjoyed the Bridge.  I was constantly looking at the car.  Trying to see the car.  Did it get towed?  Did it get stolen?  Did it get smashed?  Any tickets?  What if there’s a ticket?

Then I saw the lights…the flashing lights.

I was SURE we were going to get towed.  And ticketed.  And thrown in jail.  Forever.  And sentenced to all eternity in Hell.  HELL people.  Hell.

So we decided (or in other words, Dr. Evil was sick of my crazy worrying) to head back to the car.

Which was FINE.

No ticket.

No eternal damnation at this time.


Yeah…so I’m a rule follower.  To an Evil Fault.

What about you – do you follow the Evil Rules or are you an Evil Rule Breaker?


EJ out – to find a rule to break to live outside my Evil Rule Following Straight 90 Degreed Edged Box.

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  1. I try to follow the rules, if there are pictures. If they are complicated rules .. well not so much. if there is a ciggie with a circle and line across it.. I can follow pictures.. make it a list of rules, I’m pretty apt to get sidetracked while ,,,,,, oh look,, a penny….

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