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Fill in the blank and explain….”I remember the first time I _______, and it sucked!” This awesome prompt was submitted by : Black Sheep Mom


Ohhhhh…. the things I could fill in that blank…but my mother may read this so…..

I remember the first time I MADE KOOLAID ALL BY MYSELF, and it sucked!

I was 4. I remember asking my brother to help me …. if i was 4 he was 16 or so….and he most likely didn’t want to be bothered by his annoying littlest sister. (Not the most annoying…there were two others…but I was the littlest…therefore the most exempt from contempt.) He was busy doing something grown up and “Important.”

Man – that drawer was hard to pull out. And I had to pull it out a long ways. And the one on top of it …but not so far. And then if I carefully balanced on the lowest drawer, I could use the edges like steps and climb up to where the Koolaid and Sugar lived. And the container. You know the ones that have that weird little knob on top that you can push down to make it stay on real good? Yeah – that one. The orange one with the yellow flowers. (Yes…it was the late 70’s.)

I remembered watching my sister – who’s name I was taught to spell like this – M-O-N-K-E-Y (and you all wonder why I can’t spell today – M and L sound NOTHING alike!) dump in that yummy packet. Then the sugar. I think they used this big ol’ glass cup with numbers on it. Yeah – this is the one. Definitely….I think.

Now….the magic. Add water and see the colors mix around. Look at the swirls! Oh wow. Look at the bubbles and foam.

I guess I should turn off the sprayer. I’m not really suppose to use it because it leaks somewhere and Mom doesn’t much like it when she sees the water I spray all over when I use it.

I yell at everyone to come see what I did ALL BY MYSELF. I MADE KOOLAID. Never mind I broke like 12 rules to get it done. I did it damnit! (Oh yeah – I had a habit of swearing as a kid….ask my dad about that one…….or rather where I could have ever learned such language.)

I did it allll by myself. I made Koolaid………with hot water.


It was soooo gross. I started bawling.


And my sister made some more for me and showed me which way to turn the handle to make the water cold next time. (Collective “Awwwwwww”)

And now I’ve mastered making koolaid. I’m all good. I even add ice cubes now!

EJ out – to enjoy this strange sunshiny weather!

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  1. bakinginatornado

    June 14, 2013 at 3:45 pm

    I think you did great for a 4 year old. And I love that your sister taught you the right way. A lesson that will serve you for the rest of your life!

  2. LOL!! Yes, good thing about remembering that mom might be reading! 😀 That’s such a funny story…Koolaid with hot water must have been pretty sucky, but all else considered, that’s pretty awesome for a 4 year old!

    • I thought I was pretty impressive when I was 4.

      I know …. about the mom thing. I had this awesome thing written and then went ummmm….nope. Not putting that out there!

      Thanks for stopping by!!!!!

  3. I loved how you described pulling the drawers out like steps on a ladder. I have so many memories of doing that! It had to be JUST right- too far and I’d bend the track (did that one and Mom was none to happy about it) and if it’s not far enough the drawer will slip back in, pinch your toes and send you flying. Oh, I hadn’t thought about anyof this in so long. My boys don’t use the drawer trick because we have stools at the bar that they slide over and use. Now why didn’t I ever think of that?
    So happy to read and share this!

    • I know right? The kitchen chairs were right there!?! But I loved climbing the drawers – pretended I was in the circus!!! Thanks for stopping by – will be over to you later today!

  4. So funny that you had a sucky Kool-Aid story; my daughter does too! The first time she ever made Kool-Aid she dumped in the packet, filled it up with water, and poured herself a big glass. What about the sugar? Exactly! She had no idea you had to add sugar. That stuff was nasty!

    • I did that the next time I think – my mom is diabetic so we always had sugar free koolaid and I thought I was making that….but nope…gag, spew, spit! AWESOME prompt! Thanks!!!!

  5. When I made Kook Aid for the first time I used cold water, but I forgot the sugar. THAT sucked! But I love that your sister helped you out 😉 Mine just laughed at me and called me an idiot (but I’m not bitter my like my Kool Aid)

  6. I love this story. We have an ancient video somewhere of my baby sister trying to make herself a glass of cordial when she was about 2. She was trying to make it herself because mum was too busy filming her to make her a drink. She got as far as pulling the bottle out of the fridge before mum finally stepped in. I’m kind of annoyed actually, I’d love to see the mixology skills of a toddler in action.

    • Dude – I bet the 2 yr old has some serious mixology skills…I mean just think about what they can do with markers and painted walls….toilet paper and toilets….oh the drinks that could be created! Thanks for stopping by! I’m heading over!

  7. Sounds pretty impressive for a 4 year old. I could make a PB&J sammich, but I didn’t fool with the sink. Probably didn’t like water, lol.
    Thanks for your great prompt. I had a lot of fun with it on the imagination train.

    • I’m guessing you didn’t think it was funny to spray the windows with the sprayer and then be introduced to Windex and newpaper then either. Man the stuff my siblings made me do to get out of doing their own chores!!

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