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Shots…or shoot me now….

Evil Joy here with a post on flu prevention.  Flu prevention and my Female Spawn.  Flu prevention, my Female Spawn, and the knowledge I’m going to need a stiff drink tonight.

So today is check up day for Eldest Female Spawn and Second Eldest Female Spawn.  And at yearly checkups, flu shots will be dispensed.


Last year Second Eldest Female Spawn managed to bite my finger (and no, I don’t know how my finger got near her mouth – it was all a blur).  Then she giggled and said – that wasn’t so bad.  Littlest Spawn kicked the nurse when she got her shot – not on purpose – just a reflex (ummmm….at least I hope that’s what it was) and didn’t shed a tear.  She just looked at the lady like, “You Suck.”  Then asked for her sticker.

Then…..there’s Eldest Female Spawn.  She turned 10 on Wednesday.  10 people.  10 years old.  Last year, she got her checkup, bawled through it because she knew there was a shot coming.  My at the time 6 year and 3 year old told her to “suck it up.”

The time had come.  For The Shot.  The Evil Shot.  In the arm.  Not the eyeball as her screams would lead you to believe.

Followed by another Evil Scream, the Evil Tears, the Evil Snot.  And the Evil Sobs.  Evil Sobs that continued for …. wait for it …. 2 HOURS!  2 HOURS – seriously – 2 HOURS.  She asked if she could be carried or wheeled in a wheel chair to the car.  And requested being excused from gym that day as well.  Yeah..no.

Shoot. Me. Now.

At least this time she isn’t crying yet.  She knows it’s coming.  I don’t surprise them or lie.  It’s all out there.  The little two are already telling her to “suck it up.”  (I think I need to find a slightly less offensive phrase to use with my spawn….)

So…if you don’t hear from me again it’s due to the flu shot.  The Evil Flu Shot and Eldest Female Spawn’s reaction.  And my incarceration.  For dealing with said spawn’s emotional ridiculous outburst.

I hope I get to report back that she was fine and the tears were held to a minimum.  But I’m not holding my breath.  She’s getting nervous already.  (And yes, I’m a compassionate mom and told her it’ll be alright….about 10 times then I turn into Evil Evil Evil Extra Evil Joy.)


Do your spawn react in a crazy manner to the doctor?  What do you do about it?


EJ out – to mediate so I’m calm when she’s stoking the Evil Sobs.


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(graphic source: blog.thepandaseffect.com)


  1. I’m listening for the screams as I’m typing this. Good luck, babe.

  2. Totally feel your pain. I actually decided this year that I would prefer the flu over the drama of getting the flu shot. Ten days of fever, puke, and chills are much better than 40 minutes at the flu shot clinic!

    • We had three of four kids down with it one year and last year with the whole life support thing for Dr. Evil I decided this year it wasn’t a choice. But you’re totally right – 40 minutes of pure hell or a few days of movies and cuddles….each choice under normal circumstances!!!!! Thanks for commenting!!! I’m excited to check out your blog some more!!!


  3. My daughter freaks out so much about her shots. Once, she spent so much time screaming the vaccinations almost expired–they can’t be out of the refrigerator for more than 30 minutes. H-E-double hockey sticks!

    • That’s impressive!!! Our little neighbor girl passed out. Once one of mine kicked the RN when the RN gave her sister a shot. That was golden. Lucky for us we’re friends with all the RNs there…. Thanks for commenting!!! I love it!

  4. We take our 4 kiddos to get shots all on the same glorious day. We are hated and spit at for days on end.
    Thanks for joining Finding the Funny!

    • We did that once. And the RN was not used to kids – she was seriously annoyed with my three screaming girls and one boy who was too cool for the screaming girls.

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