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Slowing Down Is Hard To Do

I suck at slowing down. It’s hard for me to move at a speed less than mach crazy mom speed. This week I have to sit back a bit, left the world rush by, and ask for help … a lot.

I had a minor surgery Friday. It was almost outpatient but I couldn’t handle the nausea so they kept me overnight to manage it. I fully expected to be back at full speed today – Monday. I know .. I know….

Little did I know anxiety can randomly spring up post surgery. I kinda sorta flipped my lid. Imagine that?!?  Me?!  Anxiety?!! Panic?!?  Ended up calling my doctor for direction and she helped me through the scary parts of my day. The worst was trying to keep it from my kids. Hubs and my oldest are in Montana visiting a university. The girls are home and the last thing I wanted was scare them with my sobs. I took a nap after pushing myself too hard for the last 36 hours and woke up feeling a bit better.

I drove Littlest to ball and a mama I know offered to bring her home and I finally got smart and agreed. I ordered take out from the parking lot, parked as close to the restaurant as possible, went home, and crashed.

Tomorrow is a new day. I’ve got a few plans in the morning …. of course I do. But then… I scheduled a nap. Followed by a quiet time in the house. I am taking one of the girls to a long allergy appointment in the cities. A friend is coming with me to drive. Because she’s smarter than I am and knows I will end up tired out. I’m getting a bit smarter and listening to her.

As moms it’s hard to be human. We run at super human speed and endurance all the time. Except today… this week… I will slow down. So that I can get back to my normal crazy self sooner than later.

Thanks to everyone who is helping out and for those people in my life who are being flexible with their schedules so I can take care of me.


  1. Oh, Joy, I hear you. Slowing down is hard for me, too.

    ” I scheduled a nap” – now that sounds like progress! So great that you have helpful and smart friends around who drive and support you! ♥
    Feel better soon! What soaps are you catching on at?

    • eviljoyspeaks

      July 11, 2017 at 9:30 am

      I’m a total true crime junkie so lots of documentaries on Netflix and HBO….
      Here’s to better self-care for both of us!!

  2. Self-care: it’s not just a cute buzzword 😉

    (Also, there might be something wrong with me because I recognize that episode)

    • eviljoyspeaks

      July 11, 2017 at 9:31 am

      I love that you recognize that episode! I love true crime but knew I needed to nap so I put on something I’d watched a million times and could fall asleep to…….

      That needs to be on a t-shirt – “Self-care: it’s not just a cute buzzword.”

  3. Glad to hear you’re taking care of you!!!

  4. Praying your better and thank you to your friends and family who are helping out. Not only take a nap but if you need more rest do it so you get better quicker. Cat Naps in front of the TV work wonders.

  5. Like you, I only know one speed and that is super human speed. By the way, I just got the same color on my toe nails. Love it! 🙂

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