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Sportsmanship is NOT Chivalry – it’s not DEAD!

Really dude?  Are you seriously yelling and slamming your hand down loudly on the metal storage bin holding the ball equipment?

At my KID?!?!  


Oh yeah- you did.  I heard you from across the field where I was talking to other moms and pretending to not be watching each and EVERY move and call my son makes as umpire.  

And now…I’m sitting right here on the bleacher, behind the plate…between your sorry arse and my son’s ears….listening to every word you say and if you even think of being unsportsmanlike towards my 13 year old KID who is umpiring 8 year old boys baseball…………I will be quietly reminding you where we are and how we, as adults, should behave and model attitudes we want to foster in our children.

In my head…..I will be ripping your arse a new one.  Who the hell do you think you are?!?!  Leave the kid alone?!  They.are.kids.  

There is a reason the first year umpires are placed with this league – the kids are still learning to play ball and my kid knows ball but is learning to umpire.  

I continue to read about bad behavior…by parents at their children’s sporting events.  What is WRONG with people?!?!  I get into the game and have been known to quietly disagree with a call but never would I yell or SWEAR?!?! at an umpire.  N.E.V.E.R.  Or at another player.  Trash talking is NOT cool.  We tell the other team’s players nice hit if they rip one out of the park…or good job pitching…or nice scoop there catch!

I grew up in an umpiring and referring family.  My dad refereed and umped high school sports mainly…and some college here and there.  (Only once…ONE time did he referee my game…that’s a story for another post…let’s just say I didn’t say a word to him for three days!) Never did I see players think about mouthing off to my dad.  The coaches may try…and get kicked out.  The players may try..and their coaches would squash that crap immediately.  Parents knew their place.  

Now….we as parents are regularly reminded to have good behavior.  Even have to sign contracts for some sports.  I think it’s a sad thing that we have to agree IN WRITING to behave…like adults.

I think everyone should be held accountable for their actions.  But the act of being a complete and total idiot?!?  You should get your arse kicked out and that’s that.  “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

Excitement is one thing.  Stupidity and meanness is another.

Come on parents.  Let’s do this right.  Let’s show our kids how to behave and teach them the proper way to play sports.  And the proper way to dispute.  Disputing is all good.  When done properly and in an UNTHREATENING manner.  In doing his job, by showing a bunch of 8 year olds that yelling at a big kid gets no results (he held his ground – GO my KID) my son showed more integrity than this individual has in the tip of his tiny finger.


EJ out – to catch puke from Littlest Spawn.  Happy First Night of Summer…gah.

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  1. Outstanding post Joy!! Sharing this one all around. Good for Oldest Spawn for keeping composure and good for you for not popping this jackwad in the nuts.

    • I was so proud of him. And myself for maintaining composure. Mama Bear came out – claws ready. Normally sort of a non-confrontational type…however if it involves my children….no holds barred! Thanks for sharing it!!!

  2. It never fails to amaze me how people are so rude and disrespectful of each other anymore, especially some kids! My husband is a coach and umpired for a year-he’s pretty outspoken as a coach but I don’t think he’ll ever umpire again!

    • It is appalling to me the way the adults treat each other, talk to kids, talk to kids about other kids, and talk among themselves about what they view as inadequate players. It. Is. A. Game. This is rec league – not traveling team – they kids are playing REC ball….gah. Good on your husband for stepping up to coach!!! Thanks for the comments!!!

  3. Wow, I want to yell at this idiot now!! It’s horrible that anyone would yell at anyone at a game, but to yell at a kid!!!!! I’m sorry your son had to go through this but I’m very glad he has you for a mom!!

  4. JennSomethingClever

    June 13, 2013 at 10:58 pm

    He’s only 13 and he’s an umpire? That’s awesome!

    As for that other guy, message me his address… I’ll take care of it.

  5. I think Duct Tape is essential for individuals like him. He does not deserve to be referred to as a person. Shut up and let Spawn 1 grow into a great ump! If you can do a better job, put a mask on and go out there and do it!

  6. OH JOY…let me just tell you!!!! Ayden has this guy for one of his traveling team coaches and last weekend was our first tournament game. He.Is.An.Arse to say the least! The boys are all scared of him (except his own kid who must be immune to his belittling). The only satisfation I received last weekend after sitting through three whole games of him was the following morning he and our other coach having it out!! They “made up” but talk about modeling good behavior…they were yelling at each other right by our own dugout where all the players were sitting/listening. SO embarrassing for Hudson Baseball.
    If it makes you feel any better, the word on the street is he has been banned from Football and Basketball as a coach….maybe some parents should rally to get the same done for Baseball!!!

  7. Wow, I would have lost my temper with anybody yelling and swearing at an 8 year old’s baseball game. Your kid has amazing grace for not losing his temper or retaliating in any way, that’s something I try really hard to teach my players, and they’re 18-22 and don’t always get it.

    • I know. I was so pleased he didn’t even bring it up to me until we were in the truck on the way home …. Out of earshot.

      Thanks for always stopping by. You rock!!

  8. Congratulations on raising a fine young man! Those 8 year olds are seeing his good example. That dad should be ashamed of himself. He probably isn’t, though.

    • thanks for the compliments and I passed on your words to my son – he was surprised when I told him – he didn’t realize how he was setting a good example.

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