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Evil Chair…Yeah…it’s the Chair…..

Evil Joy here with a post on chairs, feet, stuck feet, and painful release of said stuck foot.

Need I say more?  
Well of course I need say more – it’s meeee!
As if driving to Iowa with Eldest Female Spawn for a weekend of fun taking a turn for not fun wasn’t enough…..Mom of Evil Joy ended up in the hospital with a sore neck.  And no, it’s not because I’m a pain in the neck.  Bite me.
See, I’m going to be a Great Aunt.  Not just a Great Aunt – I’m already that…just ask me…I’ll tell ya!  My Eldest Nephew and his wife are having a baby!!!!!  So I’m going to be a Awesome Great Aunt.  (didn’t want to confuse any of you with saying I’ll be a great Great Aunt….)
And due to becoming said Awesome Great Aunt, attending a baby shower in Iowa is Awesome Evil Fun!  (Shopping for said baby shower even more Awesome Evil Fun!!!!!!)
Evil Silliness led to me running a 5K, attending baseball tournament for Eldest Spawn in our hometown, and then driving 5 hours to Iowa with Eldest Female Spawn.  All in 12 hours.  Tired Evil Joy resulted.  
Then the Evil Sore Neck for Evil Joy’s Mom.  Resulting in Evil Hospital Stay.  Resulting in Evil Joy sitting in my usual not normal fashion – criss cross applesauce, one leg crossed….any which way but the normal way is how I roll.  Resulting in…….
After I was able to have a minute or two with no one in the room but Sleeping Mom of Evil Joy and Evil Joy, I was able to free my Evil Stuck Foot from the Evil Chair Claiming My Foot.  I had to wait until it was just the two of us as Evil Words were bound to escape my mouth as my foot escaped said Evil Chair.
So….Evil Chair.  Bite me.  Wait – you sort of already did that…don’t bite me.  Or anyone else.
Evil Joy – stop getting limbs stuck in places they don’t belong.
Mom of Evil Joy – Get out of the hospital.  Come hang out with Evil Joy.
EJ out – to begin a day of Scattering Joy to those fortunate enough to know me.  Bawhahahahahaha!

Evil Nastiness ….. All My Evil Fault!

Evil Joy here with a post on forgetfulness, laundry, Go Commando, and EVIL Nastiness.

So…a little over a week ago, I ‘ran’ the Go Commando Adventure 5K with a friend here in the Twin Cities.  I’d done it a few years back – it was actually my second ‘race’ ever.  I was signed up last year, but pulled a calf muscle after Grandma’s Half and couldn’t run for a bit….so I missed last year’s awesomeness.

This year…there were a few things added from the previous time I’d decided to be nuts and do this thing.  Before – 5K, 10 Adventures – ranging from jumping over hay balls and climbing walls to flying down a ‘waterslide’ with fire hose water and soap to jumping over a little row of fire!  This year…5K, 17 Adventures…including before mentioned activities and much, much more.




And….After…..(keep in mind we have to get in a car and drive home….)


We were hosed off – literally – by the Lake Elmo Fire Department – changed clothes (not really all that much cleaner than before the hosing off….) and came on home.

I spent 15 minutes rinsing my clothing in the sink – I wore my EJ shirt because EJ is a lot more bad arse than Real LIfe Joy – to try to save them.

Well that’s all good and great.  However, then I proceeded to forget about them sitting in the sink.

For 10 days.


Brain – kick in …. yes, I know we do a lot of laundry with the Evil Loud Sucky Dryer.  However, I really really like my EJ shirt…it must not be claimed by the Evil Clutches of Nastiness.

EJ out – to perform life saving washing techniques on my Evil Nasty Clothing…..if I don’t return….send in the … I don’t know…just send in someone to save me from the mud and bubbles……

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