Mom, when are we leaving?

Mom, did you pack for us yet?

Mom, when are we leaving?

Mom, when will be home?

Mom, how long is the drive?

Mom, how many songs will it take to get there?

Mom, can I sit in the front seat?

Mom, she’s touching me!

Mom, when are leaving?

Mom, did you wash my skirt?

Mom, is this the wedding?

Mom, who is going to take care of the dogs?

Mom, when will we see Dad?

Mom, when will Dad be home?

Mom, is Dad going to take care of the dogs?

Seriously.  This is what the first three minutes of my day were like today.  THREE MINUTES PEOPLE.  3.  Just three.

Can’t wait for the 5 HOURS in the car with these three spawn.

Today we are embarking on a road trip to Iowa.  We’re co-hosting a bridal shower for Miss (soon to be Mrs.) Niece O Mine.  We being..the Female Spawn and I.  All three of them and me.  All three of them.  Dr. Evil and Eldest Spawn are having a boy bonding weekend and taking the RV 5 miles down the road and visiting Willow River State Park.  And hopefully cutting down the dead tree in the yard.  (hint hint Dr. Evil….we’ll see if you actually read this….like you say you do…but don’t…BUSTED!)  I have no idea what they’re doing with the dogs.  I take care of everything most of the time for 5 people so they can deal with the dogs for two days when they’re in the same state as the dogs whilst I’m away.

The trip goes like this.  We leave.  About 10 minutes down the road someone has to pee.  And is hungry.  And thirsty.

I pretend to not hear them.  Mind you, we’re taking Dr. Evil’s compact hatchback so he can take the RV 5 miles down the road using the roomy truck.  So not hearing them is a blatant lie even the littlest of spawn see through.

We make it to Rochester.  It’s about 2 hours.  We’ll stop somewhere for lunch – I can hear the cries for McDonald’s already!  I’m hoping I can talk them into Five Guys.  Or something we can eat while driving.  Then a couple more minutes…the other side of Rochester.  We’ll have to stop again for the bathroom.

Some will sleep.  Some will cry.  Some will read.  Some will try.

I will drive.  I will drive with all my might.

Hopefully we make it to Springville.  Or Chester.  Because Chester is in Iowa.  On the border.

“YES!  We’re in Iowa!!!  How much further?!?!”

2 hours.


I bribe them to hold it so we don’t have to stop AGAIN!  Then we stop.  There is an 87 mile stretch of nothing.  After that only 45 more minutes.  Then…we get on I-380.  Love I-380.  Could drive this stretch asleep.  But I guess I shouldn’t.

Who’d have thought that exit 24 could be such a welcoming site?!  I love driving through parts of Cedar Rapids.  I pass my old haunting grounds Rockwell.  That means I’m about 5 minutes from my parents’ house.  Down the hill.  Do.Not.Speed.  They mean 20 miles per hour here.

Turn.  Turn.  There’s the park.

Oh God, we’re almost there.

One more turn.  Driveway.

From a while ago...Playing with Grannie's Red Hat Society stuff.

From a while ago…Playing with Grannie’s Red Hat Society stuff.

I will make it.  I will love it.  I get to spend the day with my girls.  Without interruption.  Just us together.

I am truly blessed.

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