Today I dropped my daughter off early for ball in the cities. Since I had over an hour until game time (and it was 630am) I decided to drive and find some coffee.

Success. Super happy staff and wonderful service. They were jovial and it was amazing to see smiles! They chose to be happy and kind.

As I left there was a lot of traffic. Turning was challenging and a line of cars formed. I was in the middle of the line and – let’s be honest – I was car dancing and having a blast. I chose to embrace my happy moment.

Someone honked. Not just honked but laid on their horn. I looked up. The person behind me was shaking her fist at saying words I would only be guessing at since I couldn’t hear them. Her mood was very evident.

I kept dancing. There wasn’t anything I could do. I was second in line trying to turn into a busy morning on the road. Finally, there was a break in traffic and we could get moving.


I turned. And kept on car dancing because WHY NOT?!?! 

The upset driver changed lanes got next to me and showed me a finger. Then sped off. I kept her in my view so I could avoid her. My lane advanced more quickly so I ended up going by her. I kept my gaze forward. She was gesturing wildly and angrily at me. Pointing and yelling. I quickly inventoried my immediate environment. I have a snowboarding resort sticker, a ball team sticker, and two state park stickers on this car. I used my signals and was obeying all the traffic laws. Nope. No reason for this random person to be angry with me. I chose to let it go.

I simply slowed down and made sure she was nowhere near me.

I have no idea what her world is like. Maybe she’s late for an appointment. Maybe her child threw a tantrum this morning. Possibly she’s on the way to deal with something unpleasant. I will never know. I can choose to be bothered by this “encounter” ……


I can send out some positive energy her way and hope she has a better day. Whatever set her off this morning had her raging at the world. I can only hope she calms by the time she arrives at her destination and finds a kind person to help her find her smile.

Remember when you encounter someone upset or rude, it may very likely have nothing to do with you. I try to remember that when I deal with upset people. They’re not mad at me per se but at the situation, their day, or some other unrelated event.

The best I can do is be me. I chose to put a smile on my face and try to spread some cheer.

Now. Let’s go watch some fastpitch.

Chose to make today amazing.