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I Have Spoken…Thus It Shall Be.

Yesterday something happened in my world that rocked me.  And that event will be discussed in another blog post.  But it got me thinking. Why does bad stuff happen?  Why aren’t laws created to keep all safe and uphold values to which each of us could subscribe?  Is the system flawed?  Are we flawed?

As humans, we must value each other.  I believe in many things and those beliefs set me apart from others on more occasions than I’d care to admit.  I am in NO way saying I’m right or wrong, just often I find myself on the opposite side of ‘the’ issue than those surrounding me.  Sometimes, I admit, I take the opposite side just to see if I can see the issue from a different point of view.  I’m a HUGE advocate of ‘agree to disagree.’  For instance I often ask my friends of different religious beliefs to explain why and how their belief system works.  Not in order to be converted and certainly not to judge.

But to understand.

While I try hard to hold to my belief that good exists in all people, I often fail when faced with evils.  And by evils I mean events and the people behind the events that rob another of their right to happiness.  Somewhere there is someone who loves the person who did wrong.  Right?  I often ask myself, “What if that criminal or offender were my child?  Wouldn’t I love them, evil and all?”  Many times I’m left with a question in my mind of what line would have to be crossed for that conviction to be false?

Given the opportunity to create a law, what would that law be?  And what would be the reward for upholding said law?  And the punishment for breaking it?

Keeping in mind my given name is Joy….If I could create a law…


The Golden Rule.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”


The reward for upholding the law is the intrinsic value of having done the right thing.

The punishment….I don’t know.  I simply can’t answer that question.

If one were to follow the Golden Rule then it is clear.  If you steal, something is taken from you.  But then the person passing judgement on you is judging.  Therefore that individual must be judged.  It’s like a mobius strip of events.  Where does it stop and where does it start?

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 7.52.19 AM

I think it boils down to trying to follow the Golden Rule.  Be kind.  Do the right thing.  Be compassionate.  Remember you haven’t walked their path when you find yourself quick to judge.  Support each other rather than break each other down.

Just do it.  I have spoken.  Thus it shall be.

EJ out – to braid and blow-dry hair on spawn.  Golden Rule…does that mean someone else will do my hair?!?!?!?


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Thanks kiddo….

Blank page. Staring at me. Blank page staring at me. Blank page. Daring at me.

Daring me.

Alrighty then…. Page …. You asked for it.

People need to be kind and understanding. Myself included.

I don’t mean allowing one’s self to be walked on or manipulated.

I mean be kind. Compassionate.

Stick up for those unable to stick up for themselves. Speak up for your friend fighting off a bully.

Not doing so…allowing it to continue….feels as wrong as the bullying itself.

This philosophy applies to so many issues in our world.

My daughter made me stop and think this week. We are visiting Seattle and the number of homeless and destitute people here is staggering compared to where we live.

I had been staying with the family of one daughter’s BFF and was moving to the family of the other daughter’s BFF. (From Bainbridge Island to Sammamish.) As we got off the ferry my older daughter said, “Mom, there are so many homeless people here. I feel horrible for them. Can I give this man my left over drink bottle?”

I said, “No. But we can bring full unopened drink bottles into the city with us Wednesday and you can give those out.”

She seemed okay with that suggestions. But her conscious was bothering her. She continued to ask questions.

“Why don’t they have homes?”
“What do they do for food?”
“Oh my word Mama-what do they do when it rains?!”
And her questions continued.

I answered her questions to the best of my ability and in the case of several of the questions my best was, “Honey, I just don’t know.”

She got me thinking about many things I’d become jaded towards.

And reminded me to open my eyes and see people – all people. And remember everyone needs someone. One kind word or gesture leads to another. Pay it forward.

EJ out – to enjoy my friends and family.


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