Well…now it’s actually…

Eye Glasses (Dr. Evil)

Eye Glasses (Me)

Eye Glasses (Eldest Spawn)

Eye Glasses (Eldest Female Spawn)

Oh – MY – ….Flex Spending Account balance tanking out.

Dr. Evil and Eldest Spawn cannot FUNCTION without their glasses.  I can get by – can’t read until I hold whatever I’m trying to read across the room with my Go-Go Gadget Arm.  And Eldest Female Spawn just started wearing reading glasses to prevent further strain…..

Eldest Spawn has strabismus and amblyopia.  In other words – he’s crossed eyed for particular reasons.  Surgery will not fix his eyes because is crossing is vision based.  For example if doctors straightened his eye using surgery and his vision changed next year his eye could go in a different direction than before and not be correctable without additional surgery.  There’s more to it that and not that simplified but…you get the gist……..

When he was 2 years old Eldest, Dr. Evil and I were eating dinner.  As we watched him we noticed at exactly the same time when he looked at his plate his one crossed and then crossed back right away.  We mentioned it the next day at his 2 year old check up and three days later had a prescription for glasses.  For our 2 year old.

Months of patching and finally we found bi-focals to be the solution for him.  Again – still 2 years old.  Yup.  My little kiddo has worn glasses for literally as long as he can remember.  Many kids rebel when they get them.  He did not.  He wouldn’t take them off – even when he slept!

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 9.44.39 AM

My favorite story about him getting his glasses took place in the first 5 minutes after he first put them on.  Eldest was a timid kid at the park.  It used to make us nuts.  He refused to climb, refused to explore, and would only swing.  And swing.  And then swing some more.  (Sorry little dude…we didn’t realize you had no depth perception making those parks terrifying!)

Eldest put on his glasses and we left the clinic.  He saw the curb.  Got a huge grin.  AND JUMPED OFF THE CURB WITHOUT HOLDING ONTO MY HAND.  And promptly tripped and fell on his head.

It.  Was.  Epic.

Never before had he ventured anywhere new without a death grip on one of our hands.  It was pretty special and makes me tear up to this day.

Do you have any idea how many pairs of glasses Eldest has gone through in the last 12 years?  A lot.  Way more than 12.

And we were/are fortunate to have the option to pay for vision insurance.

Here’s my question….why are his glasses considered vision insurance’s responsibility?  His eye condition is a medical condition.  The corrective lens are necessary to fix this medical condition.

When I broke my wrist a couple of years ago it was a medical diagnosis.  I broke a couple of bones.  To fix it required a cast, sling and eventually a brace.  Items required to fix a medical condition.  Covered by medical insurance.

Why are glasses for Eldest any different?

I understand typical eye needs.  I wear them to read.  (Which I know could be argued to be a medical condition as well…but stay with me here.)

Our medical insurance pays for an eye exam but not for anything required to fix any findings.  I just don’t get it.  I also understand that we agree to certain exclusions etc. by purchasing insurance.  I’m not finding fault…I just want to understand.

What am I missing here?  Someone fill me in!!   I’m totally open to hearing what you think on this.  Let me know!!!