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It’s Official – I’m Crazy Joy

Evil Joy here with a temporary reassignment of name…EJ will now be CJ until 08 December 2012.

Why you ask?  Let me tell you……

In my Crazy Wisdom, I decided to have a double birthday party for two of my female spawn.  Not just a double party…

A Double Sleep Over Party.

WTHeck was I thinking?  Let me tell you……

  • Get it all done at once
  • Do it on a Friday night so we have Saturday and Sunday to recover
  • Don’t want to disappoint either spawn – one has been waiting two years for a party – the other had her party the day Dr. Evil got sick last year.  Need new memories
  • Because I’m FREAKING CRAZY!
  • And I love them both to pieces and then some.

Now I know some of the spawns’ friends don’t do sleep overs so they can be picked up around 9 or 10 pm.  That’s all good with me.  And…I am making parents get out of bed and get their spawn from my house at 9 am on Saturday.  (Unless you’re like my Crazy self and Dr. Evil who miscommunicate and leave our spawn at a sleep over party until 2pm the next day!!!  Sorry friend….)

So send me some good energy, karma, prayers …. anything.  I’m excited about this party – not dreading it as I thought I would…nervous about having parties because of last year – but like I said time for new CRAZY memories in this house.  We deserve them!!!!









EJ out – to party plan and make sure there’s enough nail polish and remover to go around at the party.  (parents – I apologize now.)

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This whole Top Mommy Blogs thing is getting under my skin.  I’m such a people pleasing overachiever non-rule breaking Evil Joy that losing votes…not not gaining, but losing votes is seriously adding to my already bummed out day.  

I wish I didn’t care….but I so do!  I want this blog to go somewhere and be something.  And I’m letting one website’s rating of me affect my day strongly (and no Dr. Evil, that’s not what’s got me down today).  So I’m going to go an entire day without checking.  Yeah right?  OCD anyone?  Not really……but…….

The day began with crazy little people, more little people, more crazies, cleaning the garage, feeding crazy little people, going to appointments, spastically cleaning up a bit before Dr. Evil got home, gardening only to find one MORE super hot pepper and 10,000 under ripe tomatoes, to rushing out the minute Dr. Evil got home only to miss registration for the Eldest Spawn by 5 minutes.  Five freaking minutes.  They auto lock the doors.  Note says “You’re welcome to stop back tomorrow between 12-6.”  Okay……so I had a hard time getting there by 6 today….what happens if tomorrow….oh well…tomorrow will be tomorrow.  It’s all good.

Seeing as the fridge was darn near empty I decided I should clean it before loading it with Dr. Evil’s Sams Club shopping trip on his way home from work.

Now…I’m hiding on the computer.  Seriously, hiding from everyone.  Next I’m going to sneak upstairs and fold laundry.  Then I can run away and not feel badly about disappearing for a bit.

So….I’m in a funk.  I need to get out of it.  I don’t like being in a funk.  I just sit and cry and walk around and cry….and just cry some more.  Then I get a headache.  Lovely.  WTHeck?!?!  I thought the extra running I’m trying to get in (which is like the one thing I truly do for myself – with no one else in mind) would lift me out of it, but nope.  Nada.  

Not yet.  

Tomorrow will be better.  I have spoken.

EJ out – to continue my hidden existence in the house …. 

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