Okay. It’s not hard.

Put your cell phone away while you are driving.


For the love of Pete. And Paul. Jack and Jane.

And me.

And you.

You may rationalize in your mind that you are a great driver and you can glance down with no problem. You’re experienced. You can check your text. You can dial a phone number.

And then you come over a hill. And down a hill. On a two lane back roads highway.

And I’m running. Towards you. Against traffic. With a flashy light thing on my arm closest to the road. With reflective shoes. And a reflective shirt. And pants of a color not found in nature.



As you hug my edge of the road I look behind me and there’s no oncoming traffic. I get onto the non-existent side of the road. You hug my side of the road even more tightly.

Then you look up. Or maybe it was your passenger that called your attention to my presence.

I stop running and get as far off the road as I can without ending up clear in the ditch.

You swerve over.

Maybe you saw me and didn’t think you were as close as you actually were. Maybe I’m a little jumpy.

But I saw a phone. A device. And you know what? You need to put it away and drive the large machine you’re controlling.

A large machine that would kill me if you weren’t paying attention.

The point?

Put your cell phone away and drive.

Don’t make my #runhappy into a #runsmooshed.

This has been a PSA by Evil Joy.