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A Bunny Murder…..




In Breaking Evil Joy news……bbeeep.beep…beepp.beeeep

A dastardly murder occurred on this most Holy of day.  After celebrating Easter Sunday with family, the Evil Joy Spawnily reported finding their lovely, beautiful Easter Cake Bunny murdered.  Awesome Amy, Easter Cake Bunny creator and maker has been notified and consoled.

The following image may be disturbing to some readers.  Consider yourself warned.






It appears Easter Cake Bunny’s ears, nose, and mouth were removed (and enjoyed – no traces of marshmallow fondant were found among spawnily members.  Much hand washing was obvious so no trace evidence could be recovered).

Then in ‘Walking Dead’ style, Easter Cake Bunny was murdered.


Services will be held for the remaining parts of Easter Cake Bunny at 5:30 at the Evil Joy Dinner Table.  The funeral will follow dinner.


EJ out – to clean up some more dishes!!


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Happy Easter?

I’ve always been one to decorate my house for holidays.  I have 20 gallon totes labeled for most holidays.  Some holidays only rate one tote – Thanksgiving.  Others three – Halloween (but then some of the Halloween double for Thanksgiving).  Christmas of course – at least 12 totes.

Well, lately I’ve not been so big on decorating.  Clutter, mess, and I don’t know….just don’t want to.

Then yesterday.  Littlest Spawn and I were wandering around a store when we saw…these.

Quick warning – these may incite nightmares in some…well…everyone.

Take a carrot My Pretty!

Take a carrot My Pretty!


It can't be morning yet!  I still need to sleep off my hangover.

It can’t be morning yet! I still need to sleep off my hangover.


And what the heck?  Ancient Tinker Bell who went on a few too many benders?

And what the heck? Ancient Tinker Bell who went on a few too many benders?

So…when decorating for the holidays- whatever holidays you celebrate or observe …

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON’T BUY THESE THINGS unless you’re out to scare the bejeezus out of your spawn.  Then…buy more than one of each and set up a scene for them to wake up to and scare the living snot out of them…..hmmmm….I think I need to go shopping.

EJ out – to get ready to face below zero wind chill on the first day of Spring!

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