Evil Joy here with a post on …. well … the creation of … ummm … me.  And the intense weirdness that is me.

See…I thought I’d be calmer as the ‘D’ Days approached.  You know what…I’m calling them “E” Days…for Evil Joy in case you didn’t follow.

This morning it started.  Eldest Female Spawn’s birthday is on Wednesday.  The first night, or E1 as I’ll refer to it, happened the night of her birthday party.  She asked for cupcakes for school – like the dog ones my Evil Awesome Amy made.  Dr. Evil and I both said, simultaneously, “No.”  Quickly followed by, “You can have cookies or something else – not dog themed.  Okay?”  I immediately flashed to day E3 – his words to me….and mine to him.

And the Evil Freaking Tears immediately gathered in my eyes.  Seriously, eyes…enough with the Evil Tears.  Enough already…enough.

Mom and Dad of Evil Joy are here visiting.  (Yes, I was spawned too….)  Mom of Evil Joy and I went out for breakfast.  The discussion turned to the events of last year.  The emotional interactions, the fractured relationships, the intense feelings of helplessness on both of our parts.  Evil Tears threatened both of us.  But neither of us gave it – take that Evil Tears.

And now tonight.  Dr. Evil got home from work.  I had dinner made (amazingly – I don’t do that often).  I went upstairs where he had changed out of work clothes into his flannel Vikings pants.

Evil Vikings Pants.  He lived in those for a while.  He has two pairs.  I washed them everyday and took them back to the hospital.  Every single night I came home, gathered the kids, made sure they had their homework done (and they always did – I have amazing friends – homework done, dinner consumed, best behavior on for me), and got them ready for bed.  We laid out the next day’s clothing, packed bags, and gathered the outfits they’d worn that day.

And I did one Evil Load of Laundry.  Every Evil Night he was in the hospital.

Well…after the first two weeks he was in the hospital.  I didn’t leave those first days.  The suggested I didn’t leave at first because they just didn’t know.

Damn Evil Tears.  Go away.

So…I guess I’m warning you all.  The next three weeks may be hard for me.  You may see it here.

You may not.

I. Don’t. Know.

Damn Evil Tears.  Please give me a break.

I’m thankful he’s here.  I so very beyond belief happy overjoyed thrilled thankful happy ecstatic joyful Dr. Evil is with me.  With us.

And I’m scared.  Life is very precious.  And it changes in a heartbeat.  Or from a virus, infection, multi organ system failure.  From things out of my control.

Evil Tears.  Oh well….Evil Tears maybe aren’t so Evil.

They just …. are.

EJ out – to shed the tears that obviously need to escape.