Evil Joy here with a post on dread caused by Evil Lost Time ….. Evil Dread of ……. SUMMER VACATION!!

I can’t believe summer break is here.  I refuse to call summer break Evil Summer Break.  Yet …… Not sure how long this refusal will last…but i will try to refrain from calling summer break Evil Summer Break.

See now with the creation of Evil Joy, time was lost.  While Dr. Evil was earning his title in the ICU and Evil Joy was being Spawned, time moved forward in the outside world.  Hospital time exists in a different realm – it doesn’t care time in the outside world marches on. Inside Hospital World, time stops, or goes from doctor update to doctor update (thanks Kyle and Jody – and others!!!!)..  Hence Evil Dread of unplanned Summer Break.

Summer break snuck up on me.  Only 4 days til the start.

Evil Dread – stay in check.

Summer Break – remain Summer Break.

Spawn – don’t cause Summer Break to become Evil Summer Break.  The longer it remains Summmer Break and not Evil Summer Break – the longer I remain Mom – not Evil Joy.

EJ out – to plan currently non Evil Summer Break activities.