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Advice…from a new mom

So I’m linking up at Theme Thursday.  I seem to mess this up every time I do this and forget to do what I’m suppose to.  (I’m sorry!!!)  Here’s the link to Theme Thursday.  Go check out what others are saying about this week’s theme : Advice  Thanks to Something Clever 2.0 for doing this!!!

I love when I go out with my Littlest Spawn.  She’s a doll face .. except when she’s not. Then she’s the devil incarnate.  She can scream and carry on with the best of them.  In the last year, this has subsided considerably but on occasion it still happens.

My favorite situation is when she is having a hard time with a new environment and I’m past dealing with it.  I’m more of the tough love kinda mama – not the cuddling type.  At all.  Ever.  (Sorry Spawn – suck it up – that’s the way it goes – not everyone wins – you’re fine – get over it)

In walks chic mom in her heels, skinny jeans, with her six month old baby dressed in the latest Gap line head to toe.  Who proceeds to give me advice.  For a child who is 4.5 years older than her first baby.  Advice she read in a book.  And her friend told her about.  And she saw on Oprah or Dr. Phil.

Yeah.  Bite me.

Depending on my mood, one of three things happens:

Mood 1 : Happy and Well Rested


Thanks.  I’m sure it’ll get better.  Have a great day.






Mood 2 : Normal Evil Joy – Tired, Slightly Frazzled, Running 17 Different Directions


Yeah, I know…my older THREE went through this stage too.  Later.







Mood 3 : Exhausted, Dr. Evil on Travel, Other Spawn Acting Up at Home, Last Thin Thread of Sanity Broken by This Woman


Look.  I appreciate you trying to give advice for a child you have no idea about.  Obviously the books you’ve read have made you think you’re prepared.  You’re not.  Just wait.  Wait until she can talk and walk and run away from you and pull over a display in the store.  Wait until she doesn’t like you.  I have THREE OLDER CHILDREN.  I’ve done this shit before.  Yeah – I swore – your baby can’t talk yet and I could say shit over and over again and it will not affect her because she’ll never ever see me again.  And yes, close your open jaw, I swore in front of my five-year old who knows better than to repeat it at all.  I was just like you lady – thought I had it all in the bag.  I don’t.  At least I’m smart and experienced enough to KNOW I WILL ALWAYS HAVE A LOT TO LEARN.  Good Day.

Yeah – Mood 3 – not one of my finer moments.  Thankfully I was in a different town and will most likely never see this woman again.  God, I hope not.

So I try hard to not give advice unless asked.  Even then I tread cautiously.  Are they really asking for advice or do they want reassurance everyone is as confused and clueless as the next parent.  None of our spawn came with manuals.  None of our spawn are alike.  Some advice is great …. but sometimes …. for the love of Pete …. bite your tongue.

Except – okay – the one and only time I don’t hold back is if I notice your spawn’s eyes aren’t properly aligned.  Eldest Spawn has strabismus and amblyopia caught at age 2.  He’s been patched, had and still has bifocals, and wears glasses to correct his alignment and vision.  If not caught early enough the damage caused can be more severe.  So…that’s the one time I know I’ve crossed the line….but if it helps just one kid……

EJ out – to drive in the Mother Loving Snow to see a visiting friend!!!!!

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Mind Reading….Jedi Evil Joy Style

Mind reading.  It’s a skill as a mom you master.  It’s the Jedi force that enters your body as the baby leaves.

You know when your spawn is going to puke.  You know you’re going to have to stop at the bathroom 712 times on a trip that should only be 4 hours long … now 5.5 hours into and still not there.  You know tomorrow is going to be a long day because you let your spawn stay up to cuddle with them.  You know when your spawn is lying.

Then there is the husband to consider.  I do wish Dr. Evil could read my mind.  Wellllll…not all the time…just sometimes.

I would be able to use my Jedi Mind Forces to send to him what I’m thinking.

Situation #1

Jedi Evil Joy : Thought : “I really want to watch ‘Skyfall’ tonight.”








Dr. Evil  : Let’s watch “The Walking Dead.”










Result : Fail.  Jedi Mind Powers were not strong enough.

In this instance I used the force known as my Evil Mouth and Voice instead of my Jedi Mind Force because I can’t watch that stuff before bed and hope to sleep.  And I mean come on – Daniel Craig – yummy – vs Freaky Dead Walking Things?  Need I say more?

Situation #2

Jedi Evil Joy : Thought : “Bring me flowers.  I clean the house because it’s important to you.  Flowers are important to me.  Brrrriiinnngggg me ffloooweers.”

Dr. Evil : “Hi.”

In this instance I used the Texting Power of the iPhone and Eldest Spawn to tell him I wanted flowers.

He sent me a graphic on text of flowers.  I replied, “real ones.”

He sent me a picture of live flowers.

Damn engineers – they are so literally.

Situation #3

Jedi Evil Joy : Thought : “Clean up the kitchen – you’re trashing it making us an awesome dinner.”

Dr. Evil : “I know I’m making a mess, I’ll clean it up!”

Holy Cow!?!?!  It worked?!?!?!

It had nothing to do with the Evil Stink Eye I was sporting when I walked into the mess.


Dr. Evil is going to be traveling a lot for work in the upcoming weeks and possibly months.  He used to travel all the time – for weeks at a time.   (Thanks for the frequent flyer miles!!  Only way this family of six is going anywhere on an airplane!)  In the last several years it has only been a week here or there or a few days a week once a month or so.

Well…he’s going to attempt to average out all that travel-less time in the next month.

I’m cool with it.  I’m just thankful he has a job.

And … he’s working on trying to get me out there with him for a weekend.  There being San Diego, CA.

Typically he doesn’t get to go to cool places like San Diego.  So when he suggested we use a few frequent flyer miles to get away together…..holy cow….I jumped!

Now for the Evil Joy Jedi Mind Powers to work on the frequent flyer mileage required to go to San Diego.  And on someone to watch the spawn.  And on someone to watch our four-legged spawn.


EJ out – to eat lunch.


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graphic source : ceasefiremagazine.co.ukstarcasm.net


Top 10…..

Thursday rolls around every week and I think, “How the hell did that happen?”

Friday is coming.  I should be excited and happy.  However…trying to think of things to do with the kids when the weather is mucky and yucky…..I can think of lots of things.  None of them will be met with the happy sounds of “Yipppeee!  Great idea Mama!”

Cleaning the garage.  Picking up doggy doo-doo from the last few months.  Taking down all the Christmas lights.  Clearing out the dead leaves on the plants that will be growing again.

And on Saturday (I hope)….12 miles.  12 miles of running.

I’ve run this far before…more than once.  More than twice.  But I’m nervous – last weekend’s run sucked.  I literally bawled about the hills.  Which is stupid.  But it didn’t matter at mile 4 with so many more miles to go and soooo many hills left yet to run UP!  The down part of the hill isn’t even happy when you see the next hill heading straight up at the bottom of the current one.

I’m hoping for Saturday instead of Sunday.  I just like getting it out of the way before Sunday.  No real reason…just like having one more day to recover and like getting it out of the way.

And since running is taking over my brain – here’s my top 10 suggestions for running in WI in the spring.

TOP 10 SUGGESTIONS for running in Wisconsin in Spring

1.  Wear leggings.  Except don’t.  Okay – do, but wear shorts underneath so you can strip if the weather changes 15 degrees in the 20 minutes since you started.

2.  Run in loops.  Lots of small loops.  Because if the weather went up 15 degrees in 20 minutes  – it will surely drop 25 degrees in the next 10 minutes.  You’ll need to put those leggings back on.  Until you need to take them off again.

3.  Plug your nose.  Cow poop stinks.  It smells.  Bad.  Really really bad.

4.  Plan on getting the splashed look.  It’s in.  It’s impossible to escape when you run along a highway in the spring in WI.  My favorite splashes are from cars who won’t give you an inch when there’s NO oncoming traffic and they’re shaking their fist or giving you the finger as they drive past.

5.  Dogs.  Lots of dogs.  Most have invisible fence.  Except Millie.  She’s the farm dog.  Who will herd you the entire way on a 6 mile run.  And an 8 mile run.  And a 10 mile run.  Good thing we start and stop at home and she lives across the street/highway.

6.  Keep one headphone in and one out.  This is to hear the watch beep of the 5-1 I run (run 5 minutes, walk 1 minute – the whole way).  This is also so you can yell at Dr. Evil for making you run hills.  And so he’ll notice if you drop dead at the top of the 245th hill we just ran up.

7. Be prepared for dead things on the shoulder of the road.  As the snow melts, the horror is revealed.  It’s like the Walking Dead of animals…except they’re really dead, not walking, and really freaking gross.

8.  Watch out for tractors.  Yes.  Really.  Especially the ones with tillers attached.  You may think you’re running fast.  Until a tiller catches up.  Then you run faster.  Until you get tilled.

9.  Sand.  Sand is wonderful on the beach.  Sand is wonderful in a sand box.  Sand on a road is slippery.  Yes.  Slippery.  Carry band aids.

And finally

10. Smile.  Dr. Evil will take random pictures.  And after last year, hopefully he learned he should take pictures of my front…not this……


Here’s some random running pictures from the last year….just ’cause.

EJ out – to chase the kids to the bus stop.

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Have a great one!

Cheap….I mean Frugal…..

With four spawn, 2 dogs, a house, a car and truck…and a Dr. Evil who likes Sam’s Club (I know…it’s all food….) I am the cheapest person around.  Seeing as I don’t work outside the lair…part of my job as I see it is to save where I can.

Hence…sewing snow pants back together multiple times.  And with the wrong thread color because…why would I buy some when I have some I can use?  And not only that – I didn’t even buy these snow pants…not on clearance or anything.  They were given to us.  And I’m so crazy cheap I refuse to cut and hem them because if I just fold them and keep them from falling apart – next year they’ll fit perfectly and once again…I won’t have to buy snow pants for one or more spawn.

IMG_4122 IMG_4123



And it’s not like we’re broke or anything.  We’re not rolling in it.  But we have more than enough, especially considering there are those without snow pants at all …….or shelter or food.  Since Dr. Evil didn’t kick the bucket, I’ve been slightly more relaxed about money.  And now I’ve gotten over that part too.  I’m back to my penny-pinching ways.  I started buying Melaleuca because it negates the need to ever go to Target or Wal-Mart.  I haven’t been to Target since December and not to Wal-Mart since November.  It’s one month expenditure that is much less than three or more trips a month to one or both of those stores.  I switched all prescriptions to a place with a drive through so I don’t even have to go in the store and be tempted to look around.

My only weakness….well…one of my few weaknesses…..convenience dinner.  Ordering pizza.  Eating lunch out.  I don’t do these things often, but they are the one place I could spend a little less.  But frankly…I don’t spend any other money most all month and those are my little ‘treats’ to myself.  And once we start training for the marathon – I’m sure those treats will be replaced with purchasing running shoes and we go through them a little faster than normal with the mileage we’ll be putting in.

So all in all…I’m cheap.  Frugal sounds better.  But frankly….cheap is more accurate.  Our spawn aren’t in many activities.  We don’t want to spend the funds.  Or the gas driving them there.  Or the family time apart.  We are so busy in the summer that in the non-summer….we just hang out.  And snowboard.  Which we paid for one time.  And only needed to go 6 times to make it worth it.  Seeing as I went 6 times in the last 9 days….yeah…I’m cheap.


Where do you save money?  Coupons?  Making your own cleaning products?  Give me ideas people!  I need to be even cheaper!!!!

EJ out – to find some Diet Dew.

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Who Are YOU?

who-are-youWould you like to know more about me?  Well…..

Stef over at Mom-spriational has tagged me in a get-to-know-each-other blog deal.  Who the Hell Are YOU?  I simply answer the questions and tag some of my favorite bloggers to answer some.  Hopefully you’ll get to know me a bit better and also find some new blogs to LOVE!  There are so many amazing ones out there……

And because Stef warned me my washing machine would stop working if I didn’t do it – here goes!   Y’all know how I love my laundry…..

1.  Where were you born.  In Cedar Rapids, Iowa at Mercy Hospital wayyyyy back in 1976.

2.  Were you named after someone?  I was named after the fact that I was a complete and utter surprise to my parents – nearest sister is 8 years older.  Dad stormed out and said “we’re not gonna call it Joy!” and then called later and … that’s how I got my name.

3. How many children do you have?  Four.  And the baby factory is closed.  Finished.  Kaput.

4. How many pets do you have?  2 dogs

5. Your worst injury.  Well…I don’t know if this is an injury but I had meningitis about 10 years ago and it kicked my arse for like 6 months.

6.  Do you have a special talent?  I think I’m good at helping others.  Taking care of people and their needs.

7.  Favorite thing to bake.  Cheesecake.  But I hate to cook.  So I guess the better question would be what is my favorite thing for Dr. Evil to bake?

8. Favorite Fast Food.  Jimmy Johns!!!

9.   Would you bungee jump? No – back issues – but I am looking forward to jumping out of a plane with my oldest on his 18th birthday – in 5.5 years.

10.  What is the first thing you notice about people?  If they have a smile or kind eyes.

11.  When was the last time you cried?  Yesterday when I heard news about an extended family member that reminded me of Dr. Evil’s illness.

12.  Any current worries. Yup!  My 2nd grader is having a more difficult time focusing at school than any of us would like.  We all think it’s just that she’s young – August birthday – and are praying it’s nothing more than that.  But if it is – we’ll meet it head on!

13.  Name 3 drinks you drink regularly.  Diet Dew, Vitamin Water, water

14.  What’s your favorite book?  A Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein

15.  Would you like to be a pirate.  Thinking no.  I paid a lot of money for the dental implant I have smack in the front of my mouth – if I were a pirate I would have gone through 3 months of toothless-wonder for nothing seeing as pirates have nasty teeth – right?

16.  Favorite Smells.  Baby’s heads, bleach (I know…weird), and that smell that comes from kids when they’ve been playing outside and warm – before the BO stage hits them.

17.  Why do you blog?  I say things in my blog I wish I had the guts to say out loud.  I also hopefully make people laugh.  I would love to scatter laughter.  And it’s my outlet for being angry…sad….happy…excited…all things.

18. What song do you want played at your funeral?  Party Like a Rock Star?  I don’t know….I would rather everyone have a party than a funeral for me!

19.  What is your least favorite thing about yourself.  My complete and utter lack of self-confidence.

20.  Favorite hobby.  Snowboarding, blogging, reading, running…..they all sort of go together…in my strange mind at least.

21.  Name Something you’ve done, you never thought you would do?  Teach people how to upgrade and maintain large military weapon systems.

22.  What do you look for in a friend.  (I’m copying this directly from Stef because I couldn’t say it better!) “Honesty.  Sense of humor.  Non-judgmental.  If I have to act different to be around you – I would rather be alone.” by Stef at Mom-spirational.

23.  Favorite Fun things to do?  Anything listed in #20.  And swim with my spawn.  And watch them play ball.

24.  Pet peeves.  When I’m late.  I hate being late.  I don’t care if you’re late to our meeting, but I hate when I’m late.  Mean people.  Leaving crap in the sink drain.

25.  Whats the last thing that made you laughMy spawn doing their thing to the Taylor Swift song – I watched it again this morning!!!

So now you know a little more about me.  Here’s the fun party – tagging some of my favorite blogs so you can get to know them better along with me!!!  Some have already been tagged but I have to list a couple of them anyways!!!!


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Meeting of the Bloggers……

Evil Joy here with a post on changes, meanings, and meetings!

So when Dr. Evil was sick I was into bargaining.  Now I understand that bargaining with God is very wrong.  But at that point I didn’t care.  I would have walked across hot coals in order to make him better.  And knowing how much he likes long hair my thought process went something like, “God, if you don’t kill him off, I’ll grow my hair out.”

So…the last 15 months have been hair grow out time.  In these last 15 months…he’s gotten better, had a cold, turned back to normal.  And I’ve decided superstition and craziness can leave the Evil Joy Mind.  And that I HATE my long hair.  It irritates the snot out of me.  It takes too long to dry.  It gets in my mouth when I brush my teeth.  It gets in my eyes when I’m snowboarding down a new hill…causing me to wipe out.  Yeah – it was the hair – yeah yeah…that’s what it was.

Now … in the past when I’ve whacked my hair, it’s been impulsive.  It’s a 10 second decision followed by an immediate drive to the nearest place with an opening.



This time…I waited a week.  A week for me is like a year for most people.  I waited for my favorite hair lady Tracy to cut it.  She is the best!!!  Love love love her!  She knows what I want when I don’t even always know!  She’s great!


Tracy at Tangled

Tracy at Tangled

And….bye bye 8 inches of hair.  See ya later.  The hair has left the building.  It’s walked the plank.  It’s been kicked to the curb.  Bah-bye.


8 inches of hair….see ya!

As I was leaving my favorite Tracy…..I saw my favorite blogger I know IRL!  Skinny Jeans & Yoga Pants!  There to see the very same Tracy!!!  Great minds people…..we not only think alike….we rock.  Skinny Jeans is a crazy amazing styling lady.  I want to have funds and time to hang with her and shop at Hot Mama.  Some day…  Nonetheless…just seeing her brightens my day!  Here’s a link to her new hair!

Evil Joy and Skinny Jeans!

Evil Joy and Skinny Jeans!

As I was leaving I kept getting emails from Dr. Evil telling me he’d sent me a sprint message with a photo.  The photo didn’t load.  The romantic in me was hoping it was a photo of some awesome Valentines gift.  The logical person in me was unsure what it was because we’d agreed no gifts or cards.

Dr. Evil was trying to send me the photo he saw on Photo Stream of my hair cut.  Damn Evil Photo Stream.  I was hoping to surprise him.  Earlier in the week I mentioned I was thinking of getting my hair cut.  His response….”Not sure I’d notice.”  Not sure he understood I wasn’t talking about a little trim…..I was hoping to see the look on his face at first sight!


The picture Dr. Evil was trying to send me...of me.

The picture Dr. Evil was trying to send me…of me.


EJ out – to style my new hair.  And get my spawn out the door for school.  And to find a better picture to show y’all of my new hair do!




Missing Pieces…..

Evil Joy here with a post on toys….the spawn’s toys…..and the ownership I feel of them.

See – I like the toys to be together.  If you have a doll house all the doll house pieces should be together and located in a close proximity to said doll house.  If you are playing kitchen all the dishes and kitchen toys are located in a blue bin marked “Kitchen Toys” stacked on a shelf adjacent to the toy kitchen.  And since school is often played along with kitchen the school toys are also adjacent to said toy kitchen.

When Eldest Spawn was little I was incredibly OBSESSED with collecting Fischer Price Little People.  I mean crazy obsessed.  We had the farm, the farm add-on, the village, the school, the fire station, the circus….and when the Eldest Female Spawn arrived we added the house and mini-van.  Oh – and we had every vehicle and being known to man.  The little people garbage truck, tow truck, helicopter in two sizes, every farm animal, house animal, baby pieces.  You get the picture…..

Eldest Spawn and I used to play with the farm every night.  We’d launch the farmer out the window and he would GIGGLE the best GIGGLE ever!  It was awesome.

Then at bedtime we’d say ‘night night’ to the farmer, pig, horse, chicken, hay bale, goat, and cow.  And scarecrow and corn.  And the rooster on the top.

The thing is – to this day, I’ve lost one piece and it makes me EVIL CRAZY.  The pig….he left.  He left because we like bacon.  I’m sure of it.

Given the level of detail I can describe these toys I haven’t seen in a couple of years you must understand my crazy strange memory.  And how I like things kept together.  Pieces and parts go with their respective parent toy.  It just is the way it is.  I don’t care if you mix them up to play but at the end of the day….they had best be sorted or Evil Joy gets pissy.

So….today.  Puzzles came out.  In particular the puzzles Eldest Spawn (now 12) got for his first birthday.

I am still bothered by what I saw.  I suspect it will haunt my dreams. FOREVER.


Between having two puppies and four spawn to chew on various pieces, a move, numerous rearrangements, and a few spawn from another mother who liked to throw puzzle pieces into my air duct returns…these few, sweet, dear letters are all I have left.  I mean….all Eldest Spawn has left of his puzzle.

The tragedy.  The untold tragedy.  What becomes of puzzles without the right pieces?  Can this go into recycling?  Goodwill won’t want it – unless they have a person who takes all the crap like this I’m sure they get and Frankensteins together a puzzle with a full set of pieces.

This poor dejected puzzle…..is back in the puzzle bin with the hopes I will find additional letters as we clean and rearrange the next time.  Here’s hoping….

EJ out – to question Regions the Elf to see if he had anything to do with the missing puzzle pieces….he’s a little thief you know.

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Rules and Evil Joy’s Evil Rule Following….

Evil Joy here with a post on rules.  Following all said rules to the point of insanity.

See, I’m a rule follower.  I am The Rule Follower.  The Evil Rule Follower.  Do you understand I follow the rules?

Even more important – I HATE breaking rules.  I don’t like getting in trouble.  I don’t like rocking the boat.  I don’t like knowing I could get in trouble.  With anyone.  Ever.  Never Ever.  Never never ever.


I’m learning to step over the Evil Line once in a while – especially since becoming Evil Joy.  But I digress….here’s a story to illustrate how crazy I am about following rules.


The year….sometime before 1996 – before Evil Joy was spawned and even before Dr. Evil and Evil Joy were married.  I think it was 1995…..maybe…I don’t know.

The place….San Francisco California. Specifically – the area of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The scene….I’m visiting Dr. Evil while he co-ops for Dow Chemical out in California.  He takes me out to show me the sites.  The Golden Gate Bridge is one I really want to visit again – I was there the summer I met him and that seems so perfect in my young sweet mind.  Now we can visit it together!  I saw it right before I met you and now we’re here together…aaahhhhhh (no gagging allowed – this is my story).

Parking was horrendous.  Terrible.  Finally Dr. Evil parked his little red Chevy in an ILLEGAL spot…along with 3,000 other people.

I was sick.  I was so worried we were going to be towed.  And it would cost money.  And it would result in a ticket.  Which would affect his already sky high insurance rates.  And since we were getting married would make OUR rates even higher.  Plus we’d get in trouble.  TROUBLE!?  EVIL TROUBLE.  I don’t like getting in trouble.

I hardly enjoyed the Bridge.  I was constantly looking at the car.  Trying to see the car.  Did it get towed?  Did it get stolen?  Did it get smashed?  Any tickets?  What if there’s a ticket?

Then I saw the lights…the flashing lights.

I was SURE we were going to get towed.  And ticketed.  And thrown in jail.  Forever.  And sentenced to all eternity in Hell.  HELL people.  Hell.

So we decided (or in other words, Dr. Evil was sick of my crazy worrying) to head back to the car.

Which was FINE.

No ticket.

No eternal damnation at this time.


Yeah…so I’m a rule follower.  To an Evil Fault.

What about you – do you follow the Evil Rules or are you an Evil Rule Breaker?


EJ out – to find a rule to break to live outside my Evil Rule Following Straight 90 Degreed Edged Box.

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New Beginnings…and Old Starts

Evil Joy here with a post on…myself.

I’ve found a few new friends in the blogging world and if they’re anything like me, they’ve read some blog posts, but not all.  Here’s the start of the whole thing.  There’s a lot of explaining occurring about the stuff I blog about now…so if you’re interested in what’s happened to make me the Evil Me I am….here ya go.

Oh…And Seriously….Evil Snow.  Are you FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?!  It’s snowing.  It’s October 25th.  WTHeck?!?!

Bibbity Bobbity Organizity…..

Evil Joy here with a post on magic, epic failure of said magic, and all the crapola in my house.

So all the crapola in my house makes for a craptasticly messy house.  I don’t the like craptasticly messy house situation.

Organized Living is my all time favorite store.  I used to get gift cards from there until it ended up costing more than the Evil National Debt every time I walked in the doors of my beloved store.  Now I resort to shopping at Goodwill, Target, WalMart, Costco, Sams….you get the idea.  I keep getting all these things to organize my craptastic mess.  I go to bed. I get up.


I thought if I brought the stuff into my house it would magically organize itself.  Bibbity Bobbity Organizity.

WTHeck?!  Do you expect EVIL ME to organize it?

I. Don’t. Think. So.

This is not my closet – but I wish it were……

EJ out – to pick a new organizational project in my home.  Maybe the Evil Magic Organizational Fairy will visit during the night.


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(graphic source : apartmenttherapy.com)

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