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Spread a Little Cheer

I’ve been less than my best self the last few months. Frequently I’ve been told my name – my given name that is – Joy – is appropriate for the energy I put into the world. There has been less joy and more sadness in this Joy than in many years. And then … then I realized something more was going on. 

I’ve never been shy about writing about mental health. I’m published in a book about my struggles with Postpartum Depression. I started writing for public consumption in the middle of dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Mental health awareness is important to me. Being open about mental health makes many uncomfortable. I choose to operate from the perspective of if one person who needs to hear
“you’re not alone” reads this and feels even the smallest twinge of peace, it’s worth any pushback I get.  

A few weeks ago I recognized that my reactions and emotions were a tad – well – more than a tad – out of my norm. Consistently and intensely outside of how I typically react, even when stressed. This behavior had been occurring every day for weeks. I know myself well enough to accept that I do react, I wear my heart on my sleeve and my emotions on my face. I also know how and when to grab those emotions and display or outwardly experience them at acceptable times. And when to keep them to myself as is appropriate for an adult. 
I wasn’t being myself. 

So I called my doctor. I’m working with someone. I hope to find my smile sooner than later and am already doing better than I was. Dealing with chronic headaches and migraines makes me more sensitive to the stressors in my life and environment. Perfume makes me cringe but lately has sent me into full-blown migraine status. I live in my sunglasses inside and out because it makes my head hurt just a little less some days.

Today I hope to spread a little cheer. I’m feeling hopeful and a bit more like myself. I know brighter days are coming. In this season of busy and crazy schedules, hectic evenings with kids needing to be in different places at the same time, and prepping for/recovering from holiday plans – just remember to breath. 

Take a step back if you need to. See the bigger pictures.

And spread a little cheer. It’ll go a long ways. 

If you need help, seek it. The National Suicide Prevention Hotline is available 24/7. Call 1-800-273-8255 to speak with someone. 

Double Dip…Stigma Fighters and Use Your Words

Today I’m double dipping.  I’ve got a post up that is important to me.

Not knowing exactly when it was going up ….. I also committed to Use Your Words.

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 8.23.16 PM

So today…I’m integrating these two.


You’re going to find highlights (and low points) of my ‘story’ today on a post at Old School/New School Mom in a series she has called Stigma Fighters.  I realize I’m sharing a very intimate part of my life with complete strangers. But that’s what fighting stigma is about.

When you deal with mental health issues, if feels as though your mind is broken.  And there is stigma associated with admitting there’s a problem.  It doesn’t make you a weak person.  It doesn’t make you a loser.  In fact, when you seek help it shows the world just how strong you can be.  And maybe, just maybe, you’ll give another the courage to do the same.  It could mean the difference between life and death.

You deal with your health issues when they seem simple – like a cold or a sprained ankle.  Why should keeping your mind healthy be any different?  Realizing you need help is hard.  I didn’t see it when I was in the thick of the worst.  It took Dr. Evil telling me something was wrong after I had my second child and a minor car accident.  My reaction was over the top.  Way over the top.

But I sought help.  And over the years I’ve learned to follow my instincts when I sense I’m not on a good path.   And I’ve learned to deal with many of the issues that cause me to trigger.

At the end of the day….I’m a happy, healthy person.  And I can say that now because I’m dealing with my demons.  I have issues, but who doesn’t?

And now….I’m working to break the stigma.   Check out the post over at Old School/New School Mom.


Today’s post is a writing challenge. This is how it works: participating bloggers picked 4 – 6 words or short phrases for someone else to craft into a post. All words must be used at least once and all the posts will be unique as each writer has received their own set of words. That’s the challenge, here’s a fun twist; no one who’s participating knows who got their words and in what direction the writer will take them. Until now.

I’m using:               Highlights, complete stranger, mind, and follow your instincts

They were submitted by:          Confessions of a part-time working mom


YOU MUST READ her blog!  And all of the others!  I have SPOKEN.  And I’m the all powerful EVIL JOY.  Do as I command….or I’ll go EVIL ON YOUR ARSE.

(I had to throw that in….I’m normally sort of a cheeky blogger who is more humorous than serious…..don’t want people to miss that side of me!!!)



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A Snowboarding we will go, A Snowboarding we will go….

Today was the fourth Sunday of Women’s College at Afton.  Women’s College is instruction for women, by women.  Like abilities are grouped and away we go.

I thought I was going to walk in and rock it.  Beginner – to me – means never having had any chance to snowboard.  Not having gone through Women’s College before and returning….sort of like those kids blowing the curve in calculus by taking calc 1 at university when they completed the course in high school.

I was schooled immediately.  And let me tell you – I sucked.  However, being the struggling student has its advantages – namely I basically get a three-hour private lesson.  And Instructor J is amazing – she’s patient – kind – tolerant – not easily frustrated – and an excellent teacher.  She was teamed with Instructor P to help a couple of us along.  She too is wonderful.

For whatever reason, I am finally able to put small things together and make it down the hill without a million and a half stops and falls.  Evil Fear likes to mess with my brain and I’m learning to stomp the crap out of my Evil Fear and make it take a hike….of a cliff….into the ocean…with riptides.  I admitted one of my biggest fears today – smooshing a little one.  There are all these tiny people skiing on the hills we are snowboarding on.  I weigh 4 or 5 times as much as them and I’m terrified of landing on one.  Instructors J and P finally got it through my head they will move.  They will get out of my way – or fall down.  It’s all good.

We walked out to one area – the Meadows – and worked there.  It was all good.  Then I got so freaking nervous it was paralyzing.  My classmate smacked her head getting off the chair lift.  Next we saw someone immediately after they had a terrible fall off the jumps – broken bones and bloody snow.  And I saw an ambulance.  Remember what those still do to me?  Then we saw the Medic People on the snowmobile pulling the gurney behind on the snow.

WTHeck!?!  My word – Instructor J is so patient – I talk a lot normally – but when I’m nervous – Holy Hell – I can’t stop talking.  At all.  Ever.  Poor woman.  And let me tell you one more thing – I’ve been crazy nervous since the first class.  In other words – I haven’t shut my pie hole the entire time!  I digress…

Made it through my Evil Fear…..I kept on keeping on.  I may have been tired and scared and made a number of mistakes….but I made it to the end of the trek we took from the Meadows back to the Alps.  I do okay going down a hill.  If I get stuck it takes me a bit to get over my Evil Fear and tell it to shut the front door but eventually I get up and get moving.  I even started learning something totally new today that I will practice this week – 360 Flat Turns – I think that’s what they’re called.  I’ve got 180 degrees of it down and sometimes a little more before I fall on my face ….. but I’ll get it.

I feel like I’ve accomplished something in a month.  I learned to

  • get on a chairlift…and get off…without falling down…most of the time…
  • how to stand up on a hill…while strapped onto a snowboard…(which is slippery and requires balance to a degree)….
  • J turns and garlands….
  • S turns…mine sort of look like Z’s – still working on that….
  • stopping….my favor thing to know how to do…


I can do this.  I will continue to learn and improve.  I can do this.  I AM doing this.

Eldest Female Spawn and I having some girl time.....

Eldest Female Spawn and I having some girl time…..

EJ out – to use my new-found confidence to solve the next problem I find.


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A little outside the norm….

As a woman, I am strong and proud.  I am loud.  I am good at many things.  I am pretty.

At least this is what I hear from people who observe me.

As a woman, I feel weak, scared, unsure, and unattractive.

IMG_3867 IMG_3937










When the shit hits the fan, I’m your girl.  I will do what has to be done.  I will accomplish feats not intended for humans, let alone a married mother of 4.  When the storm finally calms, I’m not anyone’s girl.  I don’t even want to be my own.  I fall apart.  I break down.  I doubt everything decision I made in the middle of the storm.  I over-think the things I did and said…and even thought.   My inability to find peace in past situations is extreme.  I rehash everything looking for fault so I can justify beating myself up mentally.  I twist and turn things to place blame on myself.

Perspective is a very strange beast.  Yes, beast.

When Dr. Evil was in a coma, I sat by his side.  I mean all the time.  I didn’t leave the hospital floor for 11 days.  When I finally did leave the floor I got a little more bold and went outside for a walk.  I started to find my current normal and was able to walk and get a glass of water and not fear he would be dead when I returned.  And if his counts changed while I was gone, I finally figured out it wasn’t my fault.  It wasn’t for lack of prayers.  It wasn’t for lack of support on my part.  It wasn’t …. anyone or anything’s fault.  It . Just . Was .

In all the time I was sitting I was afraid to read too much on-line.  Everything I read was devastating.  Everything I read was scary.  Everything I read….was awful.  So I stopped.  I started reading The Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva religiously.  I even emailed her and she responded.   I started writing on Facebook to keep everyone informed – or so I told myself.  It was more because I didn’t want to talk to anyone.  I didn’t want to ‘retell’ the ‘story’ anymore.  This was my reality and people bothering me were screwing it up even more.

Then Evil Joy was hatched.  It was sort of ridiculous.  It was absolutely ridiculous – who makes fun of people when they’re in a come?  I’ll tell you who…

People who love them who are trying to survive.

I imagined him waking up and being extremely grateful to be alive and gushy with me.  Okay folks – when has Dr. Evil been gushy?  Ever?  I imagined him waking up and us having this amazing take on things – this second chance not to be wasted.  I imagined all sorts of things.  Except what happened.

He woke up.  He was confused.  He thought it was November 17th.  We didn’t even come to the hospital until November 20th.  And it was actually December 1st.

He couldn’t move his arms or legs.  I didn’t even think of these things.  I was just hoping his brain didn’t suffer from the infection the way his body was.  I was just glad he was awake.

He was fine. He learned to use his arms again, legs again, and returned to his almost normal self.  In amazing speed.  We initially were hoping to be home by Valentine’s Day.  Dr. Evil was released on Christmas Day.

Dr. Evil has never been a man of many words.  He said even fewer.  And he was grumpy.  And tired.  And working so hard.  He was affectionate with the spawn.  He was patient with other people.  He was polite sometimes.

I was trying to be happy and thankful and just glad he was alive.  He could be grumpy with me and not say thank you for anything and assume I knew these things.  Yeah…I’ve gotten over being a doormat through this experience.  Dr. Evil never thought of me as a doormat – I did.  He thought I understood he was appreciative.

Sorry dude.  I’m a girl who needs to hear things.  I need to hear that I look nice and I’m doing a good job with the spawn.  I need to hear I’m appreciated.  And not just in regards to being sick.  In life.  I need to hear these things on a regular basis.  Even after 16 years of marriage, 4 spawn, 2 houses, 4 dogs, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Some people are very sure of themselves and need no outside reassurance or praise.

I. Am. Not. One. Of. Those. People.

I’ve stopped wishing I was one of those people.  I’ve accepted I am who I am.  And it’s okay.  Except when it’s not.


Evil Joy will return with the normal Evil Joy posts later today.  I felt like writing what I wanted to write and not trying to write something someone might want to read.   SO…. if this wasn’t your cup of tea – add some lemons and come back later.

The Yellow Brick Road

Anxiety, Depression, and meds … Oh My!

Anxiety, Depression, and meds … Oh My!


I’ve been thinking about this post for a long time.  Not sure how to write it or how it’ll go over.  But on the off-chance it helps even one person for one minute….here goes…


I have anxiety and depression issues.  I take medication so I can function.  I see a therapist.

I see this as a weakness.  I hate it.  I hate every second of it.

I know I’m wrong.  It’s not a weakness.  It’s not a fault.  It’s like taking medicine for cholesterol or blood pressure.


Logically I understand the brain chemistry behind my issue.  Emotionally….that’s different.  When some people find out you take meds they recommend exercise, talk therapy, a walk in the park, or simply tell you to suck it up.

Ummmm…think I didn’t try all of this for years!?!?!


Because of the job and clearance level I had I never sought help for the postpartum depression I suffered from when my Eldest Spawn was born.  18 months of hell.  It should have been one of the happiest times of my life.  Instead I spent hours each day crying.  Checked on him up to and sometimes more than 20 times a night to make sure he was still breathing.  Obsessed over having enough milk for him.  Thought about driving my car off the bridge on the way to work and on the way home.  I was afraid to seek help….only to find out it’s not an issue if you seek them….only if they come seeking you….(and no, they didn’t.)

Fast forward.  I finally started to feel better.

Then I got pregnant again.  About a week before Eldest Female Spawn was born I confessed my issues and my terror to my doctor.  I couldn’t do 18 months of hell again. He was very nonchalant and said we’ll address it when the baby comes next week.  I cried and cried when she was born.  Not happy tears.  Just tears.  And more tears.  The doctor at the hospital prescribed some meds for me and told me if I felt “homicidal to call 911.”  Okay….really?!

After six weeks it was time for my check up and I was out of the prescribed medicine.  I told the doctor I still didn’t feel right.  He said “You should be over it by now.” and didn’t refill my prescription.  Stopped cold turkey.

Ummmm…the totally wrong thing to do with these types of medicines.


After about six months I was still a mess.  I got into a minor car incident.  I bawled – I mean SOBBED UNCONTROLLABLY – for 10 hours straight.  Dr. Evil insisted I call a doctor.

I found one who listened.  She heard me.  She helped me.  I started some medications that helped.  Slowly.  I didn’t feel better over night – or even in a month – but the sun started to peek through into my world again.  I started to enjoy my wonderful family.  I started to want to be around people and to get out.  I loved seeing my babies grow and flourish.  The helpful doc moved away ……

Fast forward a year or so.  I got pregnant again – total surprise this time.  And I miscarried.  In the middle of buying this house with two stories.  Which doesn’t seem like a big deal until they told me I wasn’t, then was, then wasn’t, then did miscarry over the course of four days.  If this child had lived, there was the possibility of major health issues.  Was buying a house with three levels a good idea?!

I hit bottom once again.  I started seeing someone to talk to.  She was not a good therapist for me.  She was more concerned about the cracker crumbs my children left in one small corner of her office (which I meticulously picked up) than she was with helping me.  She told me I was fine and to get over it.

So once again I tried to just be.  And failed.

And got pregnant again!?!  This time I had a doctor in a high risk clinic – diabetes for me – all four times so far – lots of insulin shots…..  He told me I sounded like I was simply OCD and over medicated.  Ummmm….I wasn’t taking any meds.  What an idiot.

Baby came.  Found a doctor here (new location) who truly listened.  She has helped me get on the right meds, the right doses of meds.

Littlest Spawn showed up and I managed the postpartum depression pretty well.  I hid it from a lot of people and the few who knew were surprised I’d had any issues the fourth time around……

Fast forward.  Dr. Evil getting sick.  Dr. Evil getting better.  Dr. Evil having no emotional side effects from his illness and near death experiences.

I took care of all that for both of us.  I’m still screwed up.  And anxious.  And nervous.  And pissed.  And SCARED.  ALL THE TIME.

Enter same wonderful doctor.  She listened to me.  Adjusted meds and helped find the right therapist for me.  I hope to reduce or completely stop meds in the upcoming months.  But if I can’t…I won’t.

And I’m okay with that.  I have to be.  I want to love living my life.  I understand there are ups and downs.  I want those too – you can’t truly be happy until you’ve truly been sad.  But the profound sadness I used to live with is not normal.  It’s not living.  I don’t want to subject those around me to the wild emotions I am capable of when I’m out of control.  I don’t want to subject myself to those emotions either.  Especially now that I know it’s not a normal thing.  I used to wonder what the hell was wrong with me?!  Now I know.

So….that’s that.  That’s a piece of me I haven’t shared with most people.  Some know some of it – few know all of it.  Now…it’s out there.  Seek help if you need it.  There is NO shame in getting help – talk to a friend, loved one, priest, doctor, whatever.  Talk to someone – maybe that’s all you’ll need to do if you’re feeling out of control or overwhelmed.   But if you’re like me and it was way more than that – it could save your life.

Need help? In the U.S., call 1-800-273-8255  National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Really Dr. Evil…Really…..?

Evil Joy here with a post on Dr. Evil and his attempt to give me a coronary.

So if you’re reading this post, hopefully you’ve read about why I’m here.  Why Evil Joy exists.  And Dr. Evil.  And our spawn.

If you don’t know, go check it out.

So in November of this year, Dr. Evil got a cold.  Seriously?  Do you know the Evil Anxiety that exists in my world every time that man sniffles, sneezes, or looks slightly like he may do one of those two thing?  Let’s just say there’s medication and therapy involved.  For me.  Not him.  He’s all good.  I’m not.  Not yet.  I will be one day.

So on Monday he had his anniversary checkup – blood work – and doctor visit.  He was all good but for this cold.  So his WBC was slightly elevated.  Due his now high risk status, flu and pneumonia shots were recommended and administered.

By Monday night, he was not feeling well.  Tuesday…miserable.  Chills, fever, sore arm, yucky all around.  Wednesday he left work early due to feeling ill.

OMWord.  The only other time he’s done that was last year.  When he almost died.  And according to several doctors, he should have died based on how sick he was.  (They can’t believe he’s still here kicking and back to his normal self.)

I texted our doctor (she’s cool like that) and she said for him to go straight to the clinic.  Now.  Get tested for influenza.  And hope that’s what it is.

Who hopes for influenza?

I do, I do!


No luck.  She said to make sure whoever he saw did a COMPLETE and FULL blood workup if he didn’t have influenza.

His WBC jumped to 22000.


My heart stopped.  She called to talk me off the ledge.  I was panicking, freaking out, ready to puke, and having a meltdown all inside of my head while remaining mostly calm on the outside for my spawn.  They all went on alert when Daddy came home and sat on the couch with Gatorade and didn’t move.  I don’t think he realizes how this all affected them too…..

So in we went on Thursday.  He didn’t feel any better…but not any worse either.  She drew on him to mark the hot spots.


We went home.  He felt better enough to be a jerk and make me mad.  I felt better.  Sort of.  At least I didn’t revert to the “You can do anything you want, say anything you want, and be a jerk – it’s all good just because you’re ALIVE.”  I lived in that place for a long, long time.  I have left that island.  Will not return.  (Tough luck Dr. Evil.)

Littlest Spawn and I stayed out of the house so he could have quiet.  Dr. Evil planted on the couch with his work computer and was very productive.  He started to really feel better and went up to bed.  And continued working.  So he really did feel better.

Today dawned.  Appointment with the doctor again.  All signs point to a infection/reaction to the shots….and him being on the recovery side of things.  No more 102 degree fever.  No more chills and sweats.  No more feeling just yucky.  We have a new drawing on his arm – well – additional drawing –  but he’s AT WORK LATE because HE’S A DORK so I can’t take a picture right now.  I don’t mind him working late.  That’s totally not the EVIL ISSUE.  But for him to be sick enough to leave work and go through all this the past few days……only to go back after lunch today and plan on staying late tonight….it seems STUPID.  Incredibly smart man – freaking, scary smart man….ummm…no COMMON SENSE.

Okay…enough of my ranting.  To put it in perspective for myself…..

Last year…..I can’t do it – I was going to put a picture of him on life support on here.  I can’t do it.  I can’t.

This year…no life support pictures to make me cry.

EJ out – to pack for Iowa.  And stop worrying.  And work on staying calm while being extremely pissed off.

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Bragging Letter….

So…People I Want to Punch in the Throat has this amazing blog post (not just a post but the entire blog of course!!!) had this contest about entering either real or fake ‘brag’ letters.  I didn’t win but was fortunate to be listed among those submitting entries.  I am going to write a slightly real, slightly fake letter here.

Again – this is slightly real and slight FAKE.  Fake people.  Funny.  Fake.  For Fun.  Do not email me and slam me for this later.  I will unfriend your Evil Self and no longer pretend to like you.  I will then be forced to write a post and call you out on your Evil Lack Of Humor.

Merry Christmas 2012 from the Hedding Household!

This year has been a doosey of a year.  If any of you noticed or didn’t, we didn’t send out a single Christmas card last year or write any silly letter to go along with it.  I forced you all to read along with our trials, tribulations, and triumphs on Facebook and Caring Bridge and then on my blog…www.eviljoyspeaks.wordpress.com.

In November of last year – 2011 – Dr. Evil decided to try to get away from the nagging of his wonderful wife and kick the bucket by contracting a staph infection that turned septic and caused kidney, heart, and liver failure, staph pneumonia, and rhabdomyolysis in his legs.  You know….there are easier ways to get a break from me.  After a 10 day stint on life support, he decided to come back and play again and only needed another 4 weeks in the hospital to learn to walk and take care of himself before coming home on Christmas Day.

December was sort of tanked because of Dr. Evil being sick.  A very sincere (and completely real) thank you from the bottom of my soul to all of those who helped us out in every way possible from bringing us meals, cleaning our home, shoveling our walk…..taking care of my family and those taking care of my spawn.  And for being there for me when I needed help more than I ever realized.  You.Are.Amazing.  I am forever thankful and will forever be paying it forward for all the good done for me and my family.  Thank you doesn’t begin to cover it.  But it’s all I got folks.  If I won the lottery, I’d be passing it out to all of you.  Thank you so very much.

January arrived.  Evil Joy learned much about at home nursing and how to administer IV meds for Dr. Evil.  And care for feet.  And hands.  And remove nails.  And dead skin.  And treat remaining skin.  And head pressure wounds.  Damn, I should get an honorary RN degree for this.  Or paid.  Paid would be good.

February was much of the same.  Dr. Evil improved and healed to the point of being able to go back to work part-time.  Dr. Evil’s wonderful co-workers threw an amazing benefit for us.  We have insurance but the bills are still pretty impressive and the benefit paid for a large portion of the unexpected bills and made up for Evil Joy not making any moolah while taking care of Dr. Evil.  And then…Evil Joy went out for a day of well deserved fun.  And broke the Evil Wrist.  Both bones.  Bubble wrap anyone?

March led to more of a return to normal life.  Naught rotten spawn, spring break in Chicago, Physical Therapy for Evil Joy and Dr. Evil both….  Chicago was a major return to normalcy for our family.  It really began the track of returning to the same old day in day out stuff.

April, May, June.  May sort of sucked.  Evil Joy ran over Fizzgig the Dog and killed him.  His poor little body is buried in our yard.  He is now known as Smooshie in our home because we have to laugh a little or Evil Joy cries about killing the damn dog.  (and yes, this really did happen)  Boosters again ruled our world.  Dr. Evil is very active in Boosters and the spawn all play Booster ball (except Littlest Spawn who is too young).  Both Eldest Spawn and Eldest Female Spawn broke several world records with their amazing ball playing skills.  The college recruiters are fighting over them already at the ages of 12, 10, and 7.

July held more of the same and the addition of a RV to the Hedding Household.  Evil Joy hates camping with a violent passion.  This is a nice middle ground to allow the family to remain in tact and for Evil Joy to actually enjoy sleeping ‘outside’ with air conditioning and heat.

August was fun.

September rocked because School Started and Evil Joy did the most amazing Happy Dance!  Dancing with the Stars is currently in negotiations with the now famous Evil Joy, begging her to become the next celebrity on their show.

October, November – all good.  Dr. Evil took Evil Joy away and they were Dr. Evil and Wild Joy and got tattoos and drinks in Key West.  Only one tattoo, but many many drinks.  Evil Joy decided to get Burton the puppy and all were forced to fall in love or Evil Joy was going to Evil Freaking Crazy on anyone who chose not to fall in love with Burton the puppy.

December has arrived and I’m pleased to say we’re back to our normal dysfunctional family ways.  Evil Joy dictated our family will snowboard from here forward (as she bought her board the day after breaking her arm….and is telling EVERYONE about that….just ask Dr. Evil.)

So…here’s to a great 2013.  We’re hoping for no more close calls with death, broken bones, or dysfunctional family relationships.  Hope you all have good luck in those areas as well.



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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