Another blast from the past…..


So we move to Hudson.  Dr. Evil goes on travel to China.  A lot.  I get pregnant AGAIN.  (Just got over the miscarriage – and this one shows up – swear to my death she’s my immaculate conception…)  Eldest Spawn is 4 and attending preschool.  Eldest Female Spawn is 2 and sooo a handful.  She does not like clothing.  On her body.



I make her wear unders because quite frankly, I don’t want nakey butt on my furniture, carpet, car, bike seat, swing…anywhere.  Gross.

Winter approaches.  We’ve been following the advice of the pediatrician who said, “As long as she’s not going to be injured, ie frost bite, let her figure it out.  She’ll get cold enough one day and wear clothing.”  Dr. Evil and I hadn’t even introduced the idea of winter coats…it’s Wisconsin for crying out loud – colder than snot too.

Day in and day out she wears this one princess nightgown given to her by my brother (you know it’s my sister-in-law who got it….).   I literally would take it off of her when she was asleep and wash it, dry it and lay it next to her in the morning.


Uncle Goofball teaching Eldest Female Spawn his special face moves….

And before you say it – you have to understand – this is the same spawn who could make herself puke when she didn’t want to be somewhere…and did so often.  Very often.  Probably twice in every restaurant in Hudson.  Maybe more in some.  To the point of needing to have 3 root canals, 5 crowns, and 2 huge fillings just after turning 4.

We tried being forceful.  We tried time outs, taking away toys and playdates, even tried spanking.

Nothing worked.  She was always taking her clothing off.

So….we drop Eldest Spawn off at preschool.  It’s cold.  Very cold.  Cold enough even I had on a winter coat, not my normal shorts and sweatshirt since I was on my way to the Y.  We walk in.  Eldest Female Spawn is in her beloved Evil Princess Nightgown, flip flops, and a pony tail.  That’s it.

A very kind lady took me aside.  She told about their clothing program and asked if I would like to choose a coat for my daughter since she didn’t have one.  And anything else we were in need of.


I had to explain we were good.  She continued and assured me there was no shame in taking some help – especially for my spawn.  (and there soooo isn’t – if you need help – get it – especially for your children)

I finally showed her some pictures on my phone.  My friend Evil Seattle Seeking Gina stepped in and helped me explain the Evil Stubbornness present in this child.  She said she’d pray for us.  Very kind lady left us to the normal drop off talk among mothers and dads, grandmas and grandpas.   I’m pretty sure Eldest Female Spawn took off the nightgown at least three times and went streaking down the hallway.

Yeah….the kind lady got it.  She saw Eldest Female Spawn streaking by.  Multiple times.  I’m pretty sure she prayed for us each time.

I eventually did get her in a coat……

No worries though – Eldest Female Spawn is all about wearing clothing now.  Multiple layers.  Multiple outfits a day.  Making multiple loads of laundry.

What was I so upset about with the nakey stuff?  Less laundry is good, right?

EJ out – to go fold … yup ..  you guessed it … laundry.

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