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Random Acts of Kindness

Performing random acts of kindness is amazing. Whether on the performing or receiving end of said act you end up with a fuller heart, an improved attitude, and hopefully a smile on your face. Something that seems very minor to you may have an unexpected impact upon another’s day.

Today I was fortunate enough to participate in a RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) event with co-workers. The doing was fun. FUN. We were able to do a small thing in an even smaller amount of time that will hopefully affect at least one person in a positive way. It was minutes out of my day. I left tonight with a renewed sense to try harder to be a positive force in the world. I don’t have to find the solution to world peace but I can pay for the person’s coffee behind me or drop a bag of food in the donation bin at the grocery store.

Gathering together with others to do good has many benefits. Not only did we do our random act of kindness, I learned a lot about those around me. Our time was an opportunity to get to know those volunteering in a unique way. Conversations work related, industry related, and TOTALLY unrelated occurred. Learning more about one another teaches us to see the world with a new and different perspective. Having multiple points of view on any topic is never a bad thing.

Sharing, learning, doing. Just think of the massive changes we could put out in the universe if we simply do good. Many small acts when combined can make a huge difference. If we all take a minute here or there to do something selfless, pay it forward, or perform an act of kindness, the positive energy put forward will change the world.

What random act of kindness have you performed or received lately? Did it inspire you to pay it forward? Tell me about it!


Good Samaritans – Theme Thursday

Good Samaritans come in all shapes and sizes.  They are the glue of our society.  Pay it Forward.  Do unto others.  Be kind.  Share.  Respect.

We’ve been blessed with the work of Good Samaritans more times that any one family ever should.  When Dr. Evil was earning his PhD. at Regions Hospital people did the following things (and I KNOW I’m forgetting some….)

1. Cleaned my house – and it was destroyed!

2. Did all of my laundry – and there were mountainS

3.  Watched my spawn.  For weeks.  This brings me to tears each and every time I think about the love they gave my children so I could be with Dr. Evil.

4.  Fixed my van and paid for new tires.

5.  Took care of me.  In so many ways.  From bring soda and gluten-free snacks to going for walks to telling me it was time to go home and see my family when no one else could get through to me.

6. Provided Christmas for my spawn.  And in all ways.  Dinner was provided.  ALL the gifts (and there were so many we actually donated some to the Children’s Hospital).

7.  Brought my spawnily dinner for months.  Multiple times a week.  And not just your average whatever.  People went all out and my spawn were fed delicious and healthy food.

8. Gas cards to help with getting to and from the hospital, getting the spawn to and from the places they stayed, and for getting to and from the Multitude of appointments Dr. Evil had once released.

9.  A Benefit.  They threw a benefit for Dr. Evil.  A Benefit…..there are no words …. and the generosity of everyone who came, donated, worked, organized….

10. Love – cards, notes, friendship, prayer, good wishes.

Each and every kind thought someone had for us during that HELLISH time was the act of a Good Samaritan making it little better each and every day.

Go look for the Good Samaritan in those around you.  Model it.  Show your spawn how to be a Good Samaritan.  I love hearing stories of Good Samaritans.  They warm my heart in a way not much else does – beside the hugs of my spawn….

I challenge each of you to be a Good Samaritan today.  What can you do to make life better for one person today?  Maybe it’s simply opening a door.  Maybe it’s paying for their coffee or lunch.  Maybe it’s sending a note to someone you know needs a little extra support.

Do it.

What are your experiences with either being a Good Samaritan or being on the receiving end?  Share your story with me.  Leave me a comment.


Jenn over at Something Clever 2.0 hosts this link up – Theme Thursday – and today – if you couldn’t tell – the theme : Good Samaritan.

EJ out – to teach my spawn to be Good Samaritans today and everyday.

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