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The Power of Words

This morning I woke up to a text message from a new friend. I purposely do not look at any devices when I wake up for at least 20 minutes (especially on Sundays – my day off). I get up, stretch a bit, make my bed…do my morning routine. Get some coffee and then check email. I noticed a text waiting for me. This young woman sent me a message late last night and because of her words I started my day with increased gratitude.

The Power of Words

I learned a phrase from another new friend a couple of months ago. “Flip the script.” That has become my go-to phrase in any situation when negativity appears or become the predominant emotion in a discussion. While situations arise where uncomfortable or unfavorable topics must be addressed, the manner in which we deal with those topics is completely within our control. We can face a stressful situation with anxiety and tension. We can let the negative emotion carry into the next activity of the day. Or…we can find the solution. We can tackle the problem and leave with an action plan and inspiration to complete any task.

The Power of Words

I’m constantly saying, “I’ll find the happy in any situation given enough time.” It may take me time – a lot of time. Eventually, I’ll find a silver lining, a glimmer of hope, a potential positive, or at least a lesson learned. I want my children to learn to look for the positive – to see me modeling positivity. They deserve to hear the spin of happy in any situation we may face.  Sometimes days exists where everything that could go wrong does. There isn’t always a positive find for the events of that day but maybe those events led to deeper discussions, a closer connection, or thoughtful planning to make the next day better.

The Power of Words

This morning my friend had no way of knowing I’ve been struggling. The past few days have been filled with headaches more insane than my normal headaches and migraines, family events where you have to be on regardless of how you feel, and anxiety over upcoming plans. She had no idea her words would make me pause, think about what I could have possibly said to cause her to send such a kind text, and make me focus on channeling positivity into my words today. Her words were POWERFUL.

Think about what you say. A random comment may bounce off one person but impact another. Why not take a moment and say thank you, share a compliment, or simply listen to what someone else is saying – HEARING their words? Kindness is free and we need to share with one another. Words, spoken and heard, are a great place to start.

What are you going to do with your words this week?

Deep Thoughts from a 38 Year Old

Today is my last day being 38.  I am feeling reflective and am therefore pondering many things.  One of which is why do the crappy things that happen sometimes stick in your head and seemingly overwrite the awesome things?  I’m not talking about major life events.  I’m talking about the little things – the guy who cut you off or the icy bridge that slowed you down.

What is the human condition that allows the 4 people who treated me poorly while at work to overshadow the 496 who complimented me?  Why should the one who told me in such a sweet manner my name was very fitting and I added “joy” to her day not be the FIRST thing I think about?

Writing it down does help.  I’m making a conscious decision to not write down the events of the less than positive interactions.  Believe me, I can recall the details very vividly.  Instead I’m choosing to remember the sweet kids who when they gave me their zip code I exclaimed, “HEY!  I grew up there!!!  There’s only one zip code for that area!!” and we had a good time talking about the local hangouts for a minute or two.  Or the sweet littles that come in and tell me all about their first time on the hill and how they love their new mittens.  Those are the interactions that need to occupy space in my brain.  When the other interactions, the mean ones, creep into my thoughts I want to shake myself and remind myself to focus on the positive.  To “be Teflon” as my therapist says.  Let the bad stuff roll right off.  When I accomplish the feat of focusing on the positive I know I have accomplished something,  Something good for me.  Something beneficial to my health.

In the now immortal words of Taylor Swift I pledge to “Shake it Off.”  I will let the haters hate and be Teflon and “Shake it off.”  I want to spend 39 loving life and focusing on the good.  On the fun.  Live a little more fully and maybe even break a few rules..  (That may be pushing the envelop a little…..)  I will say “Thank you!” to compliments and NOT shake those off.  I will treat myself in healthy ways and have more fun.

I plan to accomplish some of this today – while still 38.  I’m going to work today and treat myself with riding (snowboarding) tonight.  I’m going to enjoy the day and make the best of it.

What are you going to do to make today awesome?

You can watch the anthem of my Littles right here —> Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

This post is part of a writing challenge. This is how it works: participating bloggers picked 4 – 6 words or short phrases for someone else to craft into a post. All words must be used at least once and all the posts will be unique as each writer has received their own –>set of words. That’s the challenge, here’s a fun twist; no one who’s participating knows who got their words and in what direction the writer will take them. Until now.

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Warm Fuzzies

I feel like today is a day for warm fuzzies.

Do you remember those?  I remember a book from when I was a child.  The book cover had a young child in a robe hugging a bear.  The cover was a soft yellow color.  I used to sit in my room and read the warm fuzzies when I was feeling sad or anxious.  All the way through high school.

There are some many things for which I am thankful.  The obvious things…Dr. Evil and his good health, my children and their happiness, a warm home, and food on the table.

Today I was looking around and my heart was filled by more memories than I can recall.  Eldest Female Spawn’s room.  My dear friend gave me the bedding and paint to make it happen.  Another dear friend helped me with the room redecoration last year for her birthday. An artificial Christmas tree Dr. Evil bought me for my birthday – in January – standing in the Littles’ room.  My kitchen table with all its scars, stains, marks, and injuries.  The huge mark from when we moved it into this house, our home.  The green from Easter egg dying gone wrong.  Nail polish from so many painting parties.  Pictures, toys, furniture.  The little bendable toy monkey I used to pose at the many baseball games we’ve attended through the years.  The dog water dish given to me by yet another friend.  Blankets, medals from races, even a hairbrush.

All of these things… I see them each and every day.  They are just things.   But the memories that go with them…. they give me warm fuzzies.

What fills your cup?  What gives you warm fuzzies?

EJ out – to dream peaceful thoughts full of warm fuzzies.

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