When you see a photograph of yourself what’s the first thing you notice? How nice your hair looks? The twinkle in your smile?

Or the wrinkles on your face that weren’t there last year? The muffin top that crept over the top of your jeans?

I’m my own worst critic. I’m not alone. As women finding flaws with ourselves is a past time we engage in all too frequently. Self deprecation is something we are well versed in and use often. How often do you see a beautiful picture of a friend and hear her say, “Look at my [insert self insult here]! Oh delete that!”

I’ll be in pictures when I lose 10 pounds. I’ll be in photos when my gray hairs are colored. I’ll be in pictures when I …


Last week Dr. Evil took this. I had no idea he was taking my picture.

For the first time in a long time….I smiled at a photo of myself.


Change is good.

Make the change. Find a picture and see yourself. Notice the happy. You are beautiful and you are cherished.

What do you think? Let me know.