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Happy Easter?

I’ve always been one to decorate my house for holidays.  I have 20 gallon totes labeled for most holidays.  Some holidays only rate one tote – Thanksgiving.  Others three – Halloween (but then some of the Halloween double for Thanksgiving).  Christmas of course – at least 12 totes.

Well, lately I’ve not been so big on decorating.  Clutter, mess, and I don’t know….just don’t want to.

Then yesterday.  Littlest Spawn and I were wandering around a store when we saw…these.

Quick warning – these may incite nightmares in some…well…everyone.

Take a carrot My Pretty!

Take a carrot My Pretty!


It can't be morning yet!  I still need to sleep off my hangover.

It can’t be morning yet! I still need to sleep off my hangover.


And what the heck?  Ancient Tinker Bell who went on a few too many benders?

And what the heck? Ancient Tinker Bell who went on a few too many benders?

So…when decorating for the holidays- whatever holidays you celebrate or observe …

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON’T BUY THESE THINGS unless you’re out to scare the bejeezus out of your spawn.  Then…buy more than one of each and set up a scene for them to wake up to and scare the living snot out of them…..hmmmm….I think I need to go shopping.

EJ out – to get ready to face below zero wind chill on the first day of Spring!

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Stuff I Love….

Evil Joy here with the first ever “Stuff I Love” post.  I hope this will become a regular thing…you’ll have to let me know if you like hearing about what I like….

Sundar Imports “fair trade/made fashion + a love for frill = sundar imports”

Holy cats.  Love love love this stuff.  All of it.

From their Facebook page :  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sundar-Imports

“Sundar Imports all started with 2 girls that shared a love for fair trade fashion with frill and a personal vision to make the world a little brighter!

inspired from artisans around the world….we are delighted to offer fair trade/made clothing, bags and accessories {with dashes of frill here and there!}…
Based out of Hudson, Wisconsin…..we are a Pop-Up Boutique that would love to see you at one of our next events!”
From the Evil Joy point of view – this all rocks.  I’ve mentioned before how I’d like to be more girly.  Well…this helps – without loosing my non-girly side at the same time.  I just walk in to the pop-ups and feel at home.  S and B (owners) are amazing and wonderful.  It’s like shopping in your home – with someone else providing all these awesome items – the knowledge of how to use/wear the items – and the comfort of running into a room to try stuff on and having all your friends there to support you!  On top of it all – fair trade – fair made.  A.Maz.Ing.
Everything I’ve purchased it a perfect fit – literally and figuratively.  Sometimes it’s frustrating to shop at the big stores where you know someone somewhere is making a buck off of people making next to nothing for producing what you’re buying.   Being the Evil Guilty Girl I am – knowing I can support someone and ensure they are paid properly for their time and talent…awesome.
Now understand – no this is not a paid endorsement.  I just like the stuff.  I like what it stands for.  I like the uniqueness of the items.  I like the idea behind it all.   You should check it out.  Find them on Facebook – Like them on Facebook….(Evil Grrrr if you don’t! : ) )
EJ out – to work on flashcards – who knew telling time could be so fun!?!  Seriously – these flash cards I picked up – they have all different fun and funky clocks on them!  Teaching time telling rocks!
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Evil Comments….from Sweet Sweet Spawn

Evil Joy here with a post on innocence, rude strangers, and kind strangers.

So….nearly a month ago, I ran over my dog.  I.Still.Feel.Awful.

Fizzgig…I was so determined his name had to be Fizzgig (from the Dark Crystal) as our first, slightly older (only a month) miniature schnauzer was named Einstein.  (Yes…Dr. Evil and I are major geeks…what do you expect when you get a Chemical Engineer with a Masters together with a Mathematician?)

The poor dog already had one strike against him with his name.  Then…there was the eye incident.  After said incident, he had only one eye.  And it didn’t work well.  And he was somewhat deaf.  And starting to show signs of doggie dementia.  

So…out and about from our lair…Sweet Spawn #4 asked….”Mom, why did you run over Fizzgig?”

Followed by a rude stranger saying…”I can’t believe you did that…and your daughter knows it!  That’s awful!”

Followed by Spawn #4….”Mommy didn’t mean to.  It was an accident.  He ran under the tire.  She cried a lot.”

Followed by kind stranger…”I’m sorry that happened.  Your daughter seems to being doing well with the accident.”

Of course rude stranger had my feathers ruffled while kind stranger calmed them and brought a few shared tears.

Rude people – stuff it.  Go suck a tree.  I hope you realize my 4 yr Spawn #4 has more compassion and understanding than your sorry self.

Kind people – You.Rock.  Big.Time.  Thanks for speaking up when you could have quietly walked away.

Spawn – I love you always.

EJ out – to hug a Spawn.

RIP Fizzy


Two pairs…in one day?!?!?!

Evil Joy here on clothing wearing out.  And shopping.  I hate shopping for clothing for myself.  I love love love shopping for school supplies, running shoes, and stuff for the kids.  Clothing – not so much.  Clothing for me – not at all – Evil price tags, Evil sizes, Evil styles, all Evil in my Evil opinion.

So, I’m in BodyStep at the Y.  Grooving it up big time.  Ran 4 miles before class.  Swam with Marleigh.  Had mini-lunch.  Was feeling pretty darn proud of my Evil Self.  Going Big or going home today.  Doing high intensity as much as possible – every once in a while Evil Plantar Fasciitis made for a low impact step or two.

High knee.  Ripppppppppp.  Eeee Gads…my pants ripped.

In the crotch.

Nice…..so let’s just say the rest of the high knees were done in “I’m sneezing and I had a lot of babies” position.  Lucky for this Evil Stepper, class was nearly over.

Please understand…these were my FAVORITE running capri tights.  They’ve been there with me through my firsts…

California for Big Sur 9 Miler, to Duluth for Grandma’s Half Marathon, to Minneapolis for the Twin Cities 10 Miler, and St. Paul for the Monster Dash 10 Miler.  And they also carried my arse through a day of the Susan G. Komen 3 Day last year – so that’s another 20 miles.  Besides of the workouts required to make said races/runs/walks possible.

Slightly devastated.  I know…I know….just a pair of running pants.

But I LOVED them.

My Evil cohort Amy and I went shopping.  She was looking for something for her hubby.  We ended up at TJ Maxx after being disgusted with Evil pricing at another store.  Low and behold.

My running pants.  The exact ones.  The same size.  OMWord!!!!

I literally jumped with Evil Glee!  Yipppeeeeeeee!  I have my running capris to carry me through the next set of races I’ve signed up for.  Seriously, I actually did bounce up and down I was so very pleased!  (and I bought a second pair to assist in the longevity of my FAVORITE pair – and I’ll be going back next month to see if there’s more….there’s that silly Evil cost – it was only $12.99 but I hate hate hate spending money).


So that afternoon was redeemed!  Sweet.

Later, towards dinner time, while dressed in the one and only very favorite jeans (very worn out – thread bare in various places), bending over while at the same time stepping over a dog- the familiar “Riiippppp” is heard again.  Evil words escaped my mouth.

Seriously.  Two pairs.  Under 24 hours?  What the heck?!?

And let me tell you – shopping for jeans is not the same as shopping for anything with spandex or stretchy material in it.  Honestly, haven’t made a single Evil attempt to find new jeans.  They were special.  I didn’t even buy them – a friend gave them to me a few years ago after she was done with them.  They were extra Evil special – the ones you go to on a good day when you need to mentally look good.  The ones you go to on the day when you’ve eaten all the ice cream in cafe in one Evil sitting.  Sort of my version of a blankey.  wwwaaahhhhhhh  I wore them at least twice a week – if not more – pretty much year round.  (Evil Cheapskate – get my money’s worth – wait – they were free – get my free’s worth out of them!)

So…look here clothing.  Stop falling apart.  This Evil Joy doesn’t want her Evil arse hanging out of anything.  Ever.  Never Ever.  Never Ever Never Ever.  Got it?!

And..Evil Joy – it’s time we go shopping.  I know…I know….jean shopping.  Not running pants or running shoe shopping.

Evil Joy out – to first balance my checkbook.

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