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Hatchbacks Can Hide Things….

You all know I’m a little off, right?

Last Christmas Dr. Evil Santa bought all these little furbies into the house.  A Big one and THREE smalls ones.  They work together and with the iPad so of course it was going to be all fun and games.  Until they interrupt you at inopportune times (you can read about that here…..), go off in the middle of the night, react to the dog, or scare the snot out of you when you open a kitchen cabinet at 6am.

After weeks, hell, MONTHS of randomly finding a furby in my kitchen cabinets, I decided it was time.  Time for payback.

Payback for all the mornings of me getting up to make lunches for spawn while Dr. Evil got ready in peace.  Not that I wasn’t having a great time because I sort of do enjoy mornings with all four spawn home and puttering about the table trying to find breakfast and things for lunch and snack, for second lunch and third snack.  My spawn are actually hobbits.

The thing is I live in constant FEAR of where that little f(*)cker is going to be each morning.  It sometimes is in the lunchbox cabinet.  Sometimes in the girls bathroom towel cabinet.  Other times it’s stuck in the seasonings drawer.

But most times…it’s in the tupperware cabinet up high.  Where I can’t reach it without a step stool.  And it’s light sensitive so the little bastard goes off when I sleepily open the cabinet.  If any of you have met me in real life you know my reaction to being scared.  It’s enough to give those watching me a heart attack … or a good laugh.  I’m probably one of the jumpiest people alive.

Saturday morning after Dr. Evil kicked Evil Furby – the one that says “AAAhhhhhh ooooooolllll” and sounds like he’s swearing – laying in the upstairs hallway…. GENIUS struck.


I called Littlest into my room.  Dr. Evil was down in the kitchen baking up an amazingly tasty storm.  I was folding laundry and sorting socks.

It.  Was.  Time.

“HEY Little!”  come here I whispered.  She ran in.  She could sense something good was going down.

“Go set this in the front seat of Daddy’s car.”  She runs out.  “WAIT!!!” I holler.

“Put it in the back.”  She runs off giggling.


She skips back inside.  “Did you get it all the way in the back?  Like in the hatchback-back?”

“No.” HUGE grin breaking out on her face and she realizes my intent.

“Go put it all the way in the back!” I instruct my Evil Little Minion.

She happily trots off.

Saturday turns to Sunday.  Sunday turns to Monday.  I kind of forgot about our little AWESOME prank.  Dr. Evil did some errands on Sunday but he took the truck so his car remained motionless and quiet.

Then Monday dawns and Dr. Evil leaves for work.

I sit down to write something witty here and I can’t log in.  He’s updated the Mac and I don’t know what he’s done to my computer and I’m a little frustrated.  I call three times.

No answer.

I text.  Three times.


Then my mind starts up.  I’m a little nuts and very guilty by nature.  I create this scenario in my mind where the furby went off, he got in an accident due to distracted driving, causing a massive pile up on I-94 and it will be all my fault.

I text my friend and tell her my crazy thoughts.  She comforts me and says, “Get a grip.”

Finally he calls me.

“I’m almost to work and I stop and I hear this thing talking.  I look around and think what the hell?” he tells me.

I giggle.


And the true win???  He had to drive home with the Evil Furby going off in the back.

I got the following text….

“Furby is going out the window in 5-4-3-2-1.”


Maybe now Dr. Evil will quit putting furby places to startle me.   Most likely…he’ll keep doing it and I’ll need to hatch a new plan.  Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated!

EJ out – to brush some tangles out of spawn hair.  God.  Help.  Me.





Cupcake Shmupcake

Let me paint you a picture.  It’s a work of art, so stick with it.  It’s good.  I promise.

It’s Wednesday.  Dr. Evil is in sunny California and won’t return until midnight Friday.  It’s snowing in Wisconsin.  Eldest Female Spawn turns 11 tomorrow.  She ‘needs’ a treat for the 23 classmates she has, the 10 girl scouts in her troop, and for the 10 girls coming to her party which is thankfully not until Friday (but before Dr. Evil returns….grrrrr).

As a surprise, I’m redoing her room while she’s at school.  I painted her room a few years ago for her birthday but got a little stripe happy.  Like I did stripes of various widths on every.single.wall.  It’s a little overwhelming and a bit jail like in there.

Given Dr. Evil being on travel, the sanding, taping, painting, and furniture rearrangement planned, and the fact that I have four spawn I made a decision.  I am not making the cupcakes.  I’m not using the awesome ombre frosting skills I taught myself over the weekend.

I’m going to Sam’s Club and  I’m buying those suckers.

Eldest Female Spawn and I head out.  We stop at Tar-jay Boutique (as we call it) to pick out party plates.

They didn’t have any.

So we made light of it and decided to head to Sam’s to pick up the desserts.

They didn’t have any cupcakes.  Or cakes.  Or muffins.  Or cookies (without pecans – she can’t have pecans…bring on the Benadryl!).  No snack cakes.  No pre-packaged treats either!

She was trying to keep a brave face but I could tell she was getting nervous.  I had to talk her into buying them in the first place as she wanted me to make them.  I had her sold on the perfection and beauty of purchased products that would be so much prettier than mine.  She knows my skills lie in the mathematical arena and even my artistic stick people don’t look quite right.

I throw on a brave face and we decide to head to the grocery store to get some things for dinner and look at what they have for cupcakes.  I’m making homemade mac cheese and need some blue and goat cheese to throw into the mix.


At this point, I’m starting to loose my mind.  Eldest Female Spawn doesn’t know I’m redoing her room for her birthday so while she’s convinced I can simply bake 2 million cupcakes while she’s at school I know I’m going to be up to my neck in paint.  We decide to look for cupcakes and plates at the grocery since we’re there and all.

Yeah…..you got it.  They didn’t have any cupcakes.  No cake.  Well – one carrot cake covered in walnuts…..the other of only TWO nuts she MUST not eat.  Seriously we’re talking hives of epic proportions.  And seriously – no paper plates?!?

Feeling slightly defeated we headed home.  I made mac cheese and all the spawn ate it – probably because I didn’t have any blue or goat cheese to add to make it more palatable to the adult in the family, me.  I got on-line to see if I could order anything for the parties and sure enough, the internet was down.  Are you freaking kidding me?!?  And Second Eldest Female Spawn had Skyped with her BFF in Seattle until my battery was dead on the my phone!

I ran to Home Depot to get the primer for her room.  Eldest Spawn was a good sport and babysat his siblings a little longer after seeing the look on my face when he asked where all the desserts were.

I ran into my friend Another Awesome Amy (different from Awesome Amy).  As her birthday is the same day as Eldest Female Spawn, she was empowered with magic.  She heard the tale of my woes, saw the sadness on my face and waved her fabulous fingers about.  I thought she was doing a happy dance because she saw the one and only ME!  But nope.  She was giving me a gift.  The best gift ever.

I went to my car with the things needed to do Eldest Female Spawn’s room and lo and behold, these were waiting in the car for me.




Relief hit me like a tidal wave.  Spawn were full and in bed.  I had the supplies and had hidden the surprise of the room redo.  And I had the desserts she desired for her day.

Take that grocery.  I beat you!!!  And here are the end results of her room….I like it if I do say so myself.  And a shout out to Awesome Amy (not the same as Another Awesome Amy) for taking her day and helping me.  And she continued to paint while I went to school to have lunch with Eldest Female Spawn.  I have such amazing and wonderful friends.  (Especially all of the Amys I know!)

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EJ out – to hide the dessert cookie from Eldest Spawn who is literally drooling over it.

I'm Being Brave and Sharing ….

My love of Christmas decorations in the stores.

There.  I said it.

I Love Christmas Decorations in all the Stores.

I Love Christmas music on the radio 24/7.  I love the ads.  I love the lights.  I love the music on in the stores.  I love the bell ringers.  I love Regions the Elf.


I do wish it would wait until after Halloween.  But my heart does a little happy dance when I see the big lit up trees in Target or Wal-Mart…Walgreens or County Market.  Knowing today the world as we experience it here in our town and the near by Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis will be about all things red, green, bright, and light.

Thanksgiving used to be my favorite.  It’s not so much anymore.  I actually would be happy to skip it all together.  But that’s for another blog post.

I was a staunch supporter of “No Christmas Decor until after Thanksgiving!” for many years.  Then, we had spawn and started traveling with said spawn.  Now, we usually do the decorations the weekend before Thanksgiving so Thanksgiving Day and the days following are all about having fun, relaxing, and enjoying each other.

Because in my house there are 20 totes of Christmas Decorations.  All in their happy little red and green bins.  (Halloween has three totes, Thanksgiving has one tote, Easter has three totes, St. Patrick’s Day and Valentine’s Day share one tote (I know – it’s a travesty!) and summer has its own tote.)  Christmas decorations are stored separately under the stairs so they don’t block all the other totes.  I adore my house but there is so little storage it’s sort of ridiculous!  Keeps me from being a hoarder though.  Of all things.  Except…Christmas Decorations.

I feel a renewed sense of excited about Christmas.  I’m actually Looking Forward to getting out my decorations.  I’m not fearful like I was last year.  (And my totes have increased from 12 to 20….organization and a Mom who loves to hand down her things – and she makes me look like a slacker when it comes to the love of all things Christmas!)

I’m not dreading the mess.  Dr. Evil won’t be earning another PhD. mid-decorating.  He will not get sick and be in a coma like two years ago.  He will not show many of the same symptoms and end up sick like last year.

Or I’ll have to beat him up with Christmas dancing animals (we have a large, LARGE collection) and tie him up with strings of half burnt out lights.  And then let the Halloween sugar crazed spawn attack.

So there world.  I have shared my secret.  My secret love of all the things that drive many crazy.  I LOVE CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS!

Until Christmas night (which is around 29 December at my house – we travel…what can I say?).  When that shit is down and put away before bed so December 30th dawns with a clean and tidy house!

Let the red, green, light, and bright puking of decor BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!


EJ out – to stop the unfair trading practices occurring in my kitchen.  Halloween candy wars begin…..NOW!


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It's my blog…

So I’m sharing my weekend pictures.  Because I want to.  And what’s the point of having this if I don’t do what I want to do once in a while, right?  Here goes….

Friday night…last football game.  Doesn’t matter they were 0-6.  They played hard.  They had fun.  They’re off to high school next year.






















After taking Eldest home to shower, picking up Eldest Female Spawn and taking her to a sleepover, the Littles and I went to Orange Leaf for a treat.  We were even nice and took some home for Eldest.











We returned home to dinner for Little Caesar’s.  Yes, dessert before dinner.  And a movie with pizza.  It’s Friday, I had the beginnings of a migraine and survival mode was employed.






















Saturday dawned.  I don’t have any pictures from Saturday because we had a lazy day.  I picked up one from a sleepover, dropped off another at a party.  Took care of some business at Afton.  Picked up from party before taking two more to a different party.  In between I read a book.  And so did whatever spawn happened to be home between errands.  Dr. Evil worked 10 hours on Saturday so we just had a down day and took advantage of free time here and there.

Sunday was beautiful.  We found a new trail at Willow River State Park (about 5 minutes from our lair) and a hiking we went.
















Piggy back rides were the thing of the moment.



But my favorite part of the hike…and pictures of the weekend…..us being one with our zen…..and giggling while doing so…


We came home and curiosity led to impromptu science experiments.


It was a good weekend.  

EJ out – In anticipation of a great week with a wonderful weekend to follow.

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Cookie Fail

Once upon a time, there was an Evil Mom otherwise known as Evil Joy.  Evil Joy loved to make her spawn happy.

Cookies make spawn happy.

Evil Joy decided to make cookies.

Then Evil Joy saw she had no brown sugar.  She quickly googled ‘substitute for brown sugar’ and found you can use either granulated sugar or confectioner’s sugar in a 1 for 1 exchange.  Granulated sugar was already on the counter.  In it went.

Next Evil Joy realized she had no baking soda.  EJ remembered reading the substitute for baking soda was baking powder in a 2 to 1 ratio.  Or was it a 1 to 2?  She went with 2 to 1.

Finally it was time to add the flour.  Annnnnddd…there was not enough white flour to complete the recipe.  Out came the gluten-free all-purpose flour.  To which you add xanthan gum to help hold things together.  That is if you can find said xanthan gum.

Then…cookies baked.  And looked like this.


And tasted sort of grainy.  But sweet.  Very, very sweet.   And the cookies were very, very fragile.

EJ out – to make a grocery list for tomorrow.  And a note for self to remember to check supplies prior to beginning to bake.


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Good Samaritans – Theme Thursday

Good Samaritans come in all shapes and sizes.  They are the glue of our society.  Pay it Forward.  Do unto others.  Be kind.  Share.  Respect.

We’ve been blessed with the work of Good Samaritans more times that any one family ever should.  When Dr. Evil was earning his PhD. at Regions Hospital people did the following things (and I KNOW I’m forgetting some….)

1. Cleaned my house – and it was destroyed!

2. Did all of my laundry – and there were mountainS

3.  Watched my spawn.  For weeks.  This brings me to tears each and every time I think about the love they gave my children so I could be with Dr. Evil.

4.  Fixed my van and paid for new tires.

5.  Took care of me.  In so many ways.  From bring soda and gluten-free snacks to going for walks to telling me it was time to go home and see my family when no one else could get through to me.

6. Provided Christmas for my spawn.  And in all ways.  Dinner was provided.  ALL the gifts (and there were so many we actually donated some to the Children’s Hospital).

7.  Brought my spawnily dinner for months.  Multiple times a week.  And not just your average whatever.  People went all out and my spawn were fed delicious and healthy food.

8. Gas cards to help with getting to and from the hospital, getting the spawn to and from the places they stayed, and for getting to and from the Multitude of appointments Dr. Evil had once released.

9.  A Benefit.  They threw a benefit for Dr. Evil.  A Benefit…..there are no words …. and the generosity of everyone who came, donated, worked, organized….

10. Love – cards, notes, friendship, prayer, good wishes.

Each and every kind thought someone had for us during that HELLISH time was the act of a Good Samaritan making it little better each and every day.

Go look for the Good Samaritan in those around you.  Model it.  Show your spawn how to be a Good Samaritan.  I love hearing stories of Good Samaritans.  They warm my heart in a way not much else does – beside the hugs of my spawn….

I challenge each of you to be a Good Samaritan today.  What can you do to make life better for one person today?  Maybe it’s simply opening a door.  Maybe it’s paying for their coffee or lunch.  Maybe it’s sending a note to someone you know needs a little extra support.

Do it.

What are your experiences with either being a Good Samaritan or being on the receiving end?  Share your story with me.  Leave me a comment.


Jenn over at Something Clever 2.0 hosts this link up – Theme Thursday – and today – if you couldn’t tell – the theme : Good Samaritan.

EJ out – to teach my spawn to be Good Samaritans today and everyday.

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Don’t Mess with Mama Monday

Can you feel the steam exploding from my ears?  If not, trust me, global warming has taken a hit in the last 12 hours.

Photo on 3-25-13 at 5.07 PM #2

Eldest Spawn.  You are in a world of trouble.  I’ve been more angry in the past, but wow.  You took it to a new level today – a new deception attempt level.  Note the attempt.  Remember – it was attempted and squashed.  Let this be a lesson.

You blew it.  Big time.  By playing on my biggest fear and consideration for my spawn.


Telling me you threw up so you wouldn’t have to go to school.  And then putting shredded wheat on the toilet and telling me there was some “splash back” from when you threw up.  And spilling your cereal on the floor.

You should know my Mom Spidey Sense was atinglin’ – I can smell a lie like a fart in an elevator.  (I think that’s a movie quote….).  I sat there, on the couch adjacent to you, talking to you, listening to the answers, the Mom Spidey Sense tingle getting stronger and stronger.

Then I flat out said, “I don’t believe you.”

You threw yourself dramatically on the couch.  Then about 20 seconds later, fessed up.  You weren’t sick.  You were worried about a test you forgot about.

Oh wow.  Seriously.

Then you had the EVIL AUDACITY to attempt to put it back on me.  “You expect perfection.”


In no uncertain terms I simply said, “I expect your best effort.”


Followed by, “Get your butt on the bus.  You can study during lunch, on the bus, or in-between classes.”


Then I sent him out the door with the knowledge punishment would be coming, hard, swift, and….


So far he has lost XBox, iPod, iPad, and Beats privileges for one week.  Oh and computer access other than for school work.  (we’re not spoiled at all….) And next he has to write out 5 punishments and I get to choose 1-3 of them depending on what he comes up with.  And call Dr. Evil (on travel this week) and tell him what he did.  And … he specifically tried to throw out the “Don’t blog about this.”  So….of course I am!

He has just read this.  Tried unsuccessfully to edit or delete parts.  I felt the need to sit on him and show him who is boss.

As you see, this Evil Mama reigns supreme.


I am seriously angry.  This is not something acceptable in my lair.  In a while, we’ll laugh about it.  Right now…he’s doing chores and will be doing more chores in the upcoming days.  And will think twice about ever telling me he’s sick again because unless I see puke leaving his body or he has a raging temperature – he’s going to school.  Every freaking day.



EJ out – to get that list and have fun picking out punishments.

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It’s cold…and some other stuff…

So today we went out for a run.  Last Sunday we did 6 miles in the wind and it was freaking cold.  And I thought hilly.  Well – it was hilly.  Hard to not be hilly where we live.  It was about 35 degrees and sunny – but the wind had a BITE.

Today…time to make the donuts – I mean run again.  8 miles on the plate.  Sounds good.  We started out going downhill with the wind at our backs rather than running back home UP highway N with church traffic.  Down highway N – to Gilbert Road.  I love the names of the roads around here….Wilcoxson, Kinney, Gilbert, Tower (because there’s a ginormous tower on Tower Road)….  Actually felt really great.  I was pleasantly surprised how good I felt.  And after snowboarding yesterday and cleaning someone’s home for 4 hours!!

Then the dreaded TOWER Road Hill.  The never-ending-continuous – you think you’re up the hill and then your round a corner and – BAM – more freaking hill.  I HATE that part of Tower Road.

We made it up the most EVIL part of Tower Road.  And BAM – wind!

Wow – it got cold fast.  I usually sweat constantly.  Even when I’m cold.  So … running and getting warm for about 6 miles and then hitting wind like that – holy crap – FROZEN arm pits.  And other pits….we’ll leave it at that.  My water even froze!!!!

I needed to drink this.....brrrrr and grrrrrr...

I needed to drink this…..brrrrr and grrrrrr…

I had to get over my Evil Self Defeating Talk coming up the Evil Freaking Hill From Hell.  I got over it.  The hill and the talk.  And get my arse moving faster again because it was so freaking windy.  We made it home.

Where I took a super long, super hot, super steamy shower.  I’ve got on 4 layers on top and I’m still shivering!  Maybe time to drink some hot water.  (And yes, I know that’s weird, but it works and I like it!)

But you know the coolest (haha) think about this run….

  •  The gorgeous trees.
  • The quiet parts of the old county highways where little traffic comes.
  • The opportunities to notice hills and homes you normally fly past at 60 mph.
  • The interesting cracks in the road and the way the frost covers the black top.
  • The way the water freezes in patterns and how the sand on the road affects the patterns.

It. Was. Breathtaking.

And even more…I got thinking about how things will change between now and the end of June when Dr. Evil and I run Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth.  The trees, flowers, and birds (there are several eagle nests around here) and the differences that will be apparent.

Last week on our run I took a picture.  I know at some point again we’ll be in this same spot.  I hope to capture the changing seasons.

March 17th, 2013

March 17th, 2013


Here’s to a wonderful week.  I’m going to keep busy.  Dr. Evil is traveling.  I still get very nervous when he travels…but the spawn, their activities, and our life in general will keep me busy.  Especially since Dr. Evil was fixing the noise the dryer made and broke it for several days.  Now…laundry threatens to bury us.  Send me clean and bubbly thoughts!

EJ out – to drink some unfrozen, hot water.

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Happy Easter?

I’ve always been one to decorate my house for holidays.  I have 20 gallon totes labeled for most holidays.  Some holidays only rate one tote – Thanksgiving.  Others three – Halloween (but then some of the Halloween double for Thanksgiving).  Christmas of course – at least 12 totes.

Well, lately I’ve not been so big on decorating.  Clutter, mess, and I don’t know….just don’t want to.

Then yesterday.  Littlest Spawn and I were wandering around a store when we saw…these.

Quick warning – these may incite nightmares in some…well…everyone.

Take a carrot My Pretty!

Take a carrot My Pretty!


It can't be morning yet!  I still need to sleep off my hangover.

It can’t be morning yet! I still need to sleep off my hangover.


And what the heck?  Ancient Tinker Bell who went on a few too many benders?

And what the heck? Ancient Tinker Bell who went on a few too many benders?

So…when decorating for the holidays- whatever holidays you celebrate or observe …

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON’T BUY THESE THINGS unless you’re out to scare the bejeezus out of your spawn.  Then…buy more than one of each and set up a scene for them to wake up to and scare the living snot out of them…..hmmmm….I think I need to go shopping.

EJ out – to get ready to face below zero wind chill on the first day of Spring!

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Secret Swap!

Welcome to Take Two of March’s Secret Subject Swap. This week, 13 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

Here are links to all the sites now featuring Secret Subject Swap posts. Sit back, grab a cup, and check them all out. See you there:














My subject is : In 100 years, what will you be remembered for? It was submitted by Black Sheep Mom

Here goes……

In 100 years, I think I’ll be remember for being the awesome amazing Evil Joy I am today. I think my spawn and by then grand-spawn and great-grand-spawn will look online at the posts I’ve done and simply be thankful they have me in their spawnily line.

In the next 100 years I plan to accomplish several life affirming things. Not the least of which will be to tour the world and spread laughter and smiles Evil Joy Style. The tales and truths of Evil Joy will have brought smiles to millions…billions even.

I plan on being remembered for being happy, laughing and intelligent. And determined.

I plan on being an inspiration to slow runners everywhere. I run. Slowly. But I run. And I have run more than one half marathon, several 10 milers, and soon a marathon. In the next 100 years I plan to run quadruple that times 10.

I will be remembered for being a good wife and mother. And an awesome friend. I will be remembered for being there for those around me. For stepping up and doing what needs to be done regardless of what that is.

And I’ll be remembered for things like….




In 100 years I will be remembered. As long as I’m not remembered for being a serial killer, murderer, animal torturer, or bad mom…it’s all good.

I will be remembered.

Now go check out Black Sheep Mom. And as many of the other links as you can. Amazing bloggers. Amazing people.

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