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So this is too cool for words….

Well…being this is a blog and all…not too cool for the written word but can I just say … THIS ROCKS.

What is “this” you’re asking?


I asked my friend Teri of Snarkfest if I could submit an article to her other blog site The Epistolarians.  Then My Life as Lucille posted this awesome blog post.  GO READ IT HERE!

Snarkfest, Momaical, and My Life as Lucille were talking about me?!?!  WTHeck?!!?  And they knew who I was.  Feeling pretty cool right now if I do say so myself.

Here’s a bit of the post from My Life as Lucille :

By the way, I did ask Teri @ Snarkfest and Tracy Momaical for permission to post this excerpt from our chat.


Hey ladies, Evil Joy is a friend of mine and asked if The Epistolarians are accepting submissions. Told her that I’d ask you guys.
Yes, we are!
She can email them to me and CC: Tracy. If you know of anyone else who would be a good fit and wants to guest post, let them know. The Epistolarians is getting a LOT of good traffic so it’s a win/win. Thanks, Teri!
I’ll let her know, thanks!
You rock!
Oh, I love Evil Joy! Of COURSE she’s welcome!”



So do yourselves a favor and check these ladies out :

Teri of Snarkfest

Tracy of Momaical

Lucy of My Life as Lucille


And the rest of that post where I AM MENTIONED is pretty cool – check it out.


EJ out – to fall dead to sleep I hope.  No rest for the weary when Dr. Evil is tired because he snores like a FREIGHT TRAIN!

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Invention Alert!

The Mother of ALLLLL INVENTIONS.  You know you want it.  I know I do.  You scream, I scream, we all scream for ….



Photo on 6-6-13 at 8.54 AM

But I can’t take all credit for this idea.  I really and truly can’t.  So Marianne at We Band of Mothers – my hat goes off to you – I kneel at the feet of your wisdom – and I think I love you for saying this : “…..The Pinterest World tells us to feel something different, but I like Real World Moms so much better.”  My creative juices were…juiced.  Sparked.  Inspired.

I wrote a post on The Epistolarians about not loving being a parent.  Well…not all of the time anyways.  And part of the reason for my discontent is the amount of pressure I apply to MYSELF.  I want to be the perfect June Cleaver Mother.  I want to do fun crafts with my spawn.  To teach her to read before kindie.  To run in the tall grass (after a good dousing of DEET – deer ticks are baaaad this year).

She is currently watching one of the most annoying shows ever created while I write today.

Mother of the Year award – I want you to exist for those of us who do what it takes to survive, make it through the day, work, parent, and exist.  Not just for the moms who are capable of doing it all.  I used to strive to be more like them.  Now…I’m happy if we make it through the day without losing or leaving any spawn behind at an event (yup – been there, done that), if they’re all fed (only miss this one once in a while – they complain too much if we don’t feed them), and if they have a smile or twenty during the day.

Now in order to make us not so perfect moms feel better, I purpose : ANTI-PINTERST.

Anti-Pinterest : (noun) : ant-I-Pin-ter-est : A webpage (created by someone who has time) where ideas to survive are laid out in the bare essentials.  Crafting ideas are not allowed.  Pretty housing creations are not allowed.  Perfect looking dinners are not allowed.  Anti-Pinterest is the place where we normal moms can go, relax, have a margarita appear out of the USB drive of whatever device is still working after being mauled by whichever spawn used it, dropped it in the sand, toilet, sink or porta-pot, and our spawn will MAGICALLY entertain themselves safely, and we will be CONTENT with whatever that activity happens to be.

I am claiming part ownership of this wondrous thing.  Marianne at We Band of Mothers will receive %60 of all royalties as I wouldn’t have had the Anti-Pinterest Epiphany without her.  For those of you wishing to subscribe…well…good luck.  I sure has hell don’t have time right now to create this.  But – I will CLAIM ownership rights if I see it pop up anywhere soon.  After I kiss whoever took the time to make it.

So Jenn at Something Clever 2.0 hosts Theme Thursday along with The Next StepThe Insomniac’s Dream, and Mom With Her Running Shoes On and today’s theme :Things someone should invent.  And if you’re short on coffee, the above post is what I think someone should invent.  Go check out the awesome bloggers listed above and you’ll find some amazing writers.  You’ll also find some more amazing bloggers linked up on their …

EJ out – to feed a spawn and get on with my rainy day.  And try to keep today’s schedule straight – Eldest Female Spawn has ball at 5:30 in place.  Eldest Spawn has orchestra concert at 7pm across town.  Littlest Spawn has t-ball at 5:30 as well.  On a different field in the same place as Eldest Female Spawn.  Second Eldest Female Spawn has best speak up because she doesn’t have to be anywhere so I hope we don’t leave her somewhere.

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The Epistolarians

Today I have a guest post up on The Epistolarians.  Check it out.  And while you’re there…check out the rest!  Amazing site – amazing women.  Honored to be a part of it for one day!

The Epistolarians

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