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That Evil Siren….Evil Halloween Candy

It calls to me.  At 2 am.

Actually…that was Burton Puppy and the spawn were starting to stir from their diabetic induced sleep so I rescued him…(and myself – four spawn up at 2 am – shoot me now….).

There it was.  The four LARGE bags of miniature magic little pieces of heaven.  On the kitchen table.  With no one around.

I took one piece.  Oh…it’s okay…the two with braces can’t eat this Baby Ruth anyways….it’s only one.  And sugar will make me sleepy.  yeah…yeah…

The chocolate sang its song and I was sucked into the melody.

One more piece the lyrics went.  Just one more….

Until I woke up at 6am to my spawn saying, “Who ate my Baby Ruth!?  I was saving that until my braces are off.”

Ummmmmm….damn.  I am forced to fess up because…I can’t come up with an acceptable lie.

“I think Dad ate some before bed last night.”


EJ out – to put on ear muffs to silence the Evil Siren Candy.


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(graphic source : luehmcandy.com)


  1. Joy, I just love reading your posts.

  2. Of course dad ate it all. Who else?

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