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Tidy or ….

So I have an issue people.  I like my spawn to have tidy rooms.  Not perfect.

Well, okay.  I like it perfect.

When If they make their bed, I will make it ‘just so‘ after they’ve left for school.  I will put the toys out of their rooms and downstairs ‘where they belong‘ and ensure the dirty laundry is in the closet hamper.  Their hanging clothes are sorted by sleeve length and color (if I have time….the color thing sometimes goes by the way side.)  And the unused hangers are sorted by color.









Yes, I have issues.

But don’t you sleep better in a room that is tidy?











Make all the mess you want during the day.  You may even leave it out if there’s a fort involved or it’s a weekend where you’ll have time to play with it tomorrow.  But if I can’t vacuum around it, if the dogs can eat part of it, if it causes spawn to repeatedly ask me where something in plain sight is located…..PICK IT UP!

Not to say my house is tidy.  But when it is tidy, it is SO tidy.

Now…let me tell you a tale.  A story from long ago.  From when I was a teenager.  My room was a holy pit.  A pit of despair.  The pit of despair.  My mom was always amazed at the mess.  She would simply close the door.  (What a saint!  I can’t imagine the will power it took to not lock me in there with the mess!)  But the kicker is…I would call home from school and ask her to bring me something (again – what a saint!).  I could tell her exactly what pile it was in and how far down and which direction to reach.  Every.  Single.  Time.  I want to believe she respected my memory but more likely was afraid the pit of despair would either a.) suck her in never to be found again or b.) spread to the hallway and down the hall and take over the house.

Now I live the opposite.  I like my tidy spaces.  I like my right angles.  I like my OCD tendencies.

Until this….











And then…


What do you do?  Do you let your spawn’s toys rule the roost or are you a toy Nazi like me?  Organizational ruler or free player?


  1. It blows my mind to think that you can even be friends with me. You’ve seen my house, you’ve seen the way my spawn live and yet, you like me. Not complaining, just lucky that you like me for me and not for the condition of my dumpster.

    • Teri!!! You’re so funny!

      I could care less about other people’s messes or non-messes…just like certain places tidy. I never judge or think anything of anyone else’s home.
      You house is awesome!!! You are awesome and so are your spawn!!!

      And Damn Right – I love you for you !!!!! You could live in a bubble and I’d still stalk you!

  2. I don’t know you Teri but no way would Joy judge you. It’s not about that. I will now judge Joy….cuz she asked…… no not really, I don’t know what to say, to be honest! 🙂 If you don’t tidy up/clean, it just gets worse and worse and worse and you will do it eventually. That was the case with my son’s room.
    Arranging the hangers the way you do…? Huh……if it makes you happy….do it.

  3. I am OCD.

    My family is CCL (Couldn’t Care Less)

  4. I, too, had a pit of despair when I was younger. I can’t stand that now, though… So I’ll deem myself an organizational ruler.

  5. Totally drives me loco – I have tried very hard to allow each kid to have their space untidy without me nagging. Which is probably why I am berserk OCD that nothing be on my counters or table. I just now put that together – thanks!

    • Glad to lend a hand where I can! Yeah – I like my counters tidy and table clean….however right now…Dr. Evil is making pizza from scratch and there is flour every – EVERY – where!

  6. Oh how I can relate. I use to tidy up SEVERAL times a day, organize my girlie’s closet by sleeve length and, like you, color coordinate the unused hangers (so glad to see I am not alone on this). But then, I just stopped. My OCD does do spastic twitches on the inside, but with my husband (who makes just of a mess as my 4 year old) and my daughter, I just gave up. This warrior has lost the battle.
    It’s nice to know I am in good company, however. This fallen warrior raises her Swiffer to you dear OCD solider. 😉

    • OMG – that was the best! I raise my broken (literally worn out) Swiffer to you my friend! Today….I vacuumed the carpets twice….mostly because I got a new vacuum finally – and i was twitching as i emptied the canister and saw what had been in my carpets!

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