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Today's the Day

Today is the day to vote.  I’m not openly political – I’m not quietly political.  I’m just not very political at all.  Mostly because I believe you should be able to vote your choice, believe in what you want to believe in, say what you want to say.  I don’t believe in negative campaigning, arguing for argue’s sake, or bashing.  I don’t believe in spreading fear – in fact Minnesota – you’re lucky I live in Wisconsin or I’d probably break all I believe in and actually comment in a not positive manner in public about the fear campaign being used surrounding EBOLA!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!

That’s the thing.  There is so much information about there.  As a parent I’m the best of the best when it comes to using information to my advantage.  Yes you should brush your teeth or you WILL get cavities.  No don’t go looking for your Christmas presents or that Elf on the Shelf WILL tell Santa.  See.  Anyone can swing beliefs and data to get their point to look good.

Facts.  We need facts.  And real data interpreted by an unbiased party.  And since those things are hard to come by – it’s up to you.  You must do your research and understand all sides of the issues at hand.  Each candidate believes they are the best.  As they should – why else would they run?  No one is stupid, no one is dumb.  These people put themselves out there for us to choose from.  They put their public and private lives in the public eye willingly and often are unfairly smeared.  Sometimes truths come out and they have smeared themselves, but more often than not it seems campaigning is simply done to bash others.

I.  Am.  Sick.  Of.  It.

I will exercise my right to vote today.  In particular for an issue in our community.  We need more space for our students.  The facts are there on both sides.  Tempers are at an all time high with debates that devolve into arguments.  I know it will cost money to build a new school.  This referendum is higher than then one that passed but then didn’t 4 years ago.  Go figure.  Inflation.  If this one fails I know we will be looking to move to a community that supports the families that make up the tax base.  It’s part of how our world works.  It’s far from perfect – and I only say that because it’s impossible to have the perfect situation for 18,000 people who all hold different values.  While there is no perfect answer, we need to find a middle ground and move forward.

My son spoke up one night while I was having a discussion with a friend about the overcrowding at our high school.  “Mom, as a student can I say something?  It’s no big deal to get between classes.  I just walk outside.  Across the campus.”

That’s when it really hit me.  He is conditioned to being in a building so crowded it doesn’t occur to him that walking outside across a high school campus is a big deal.  We live in WISCONSIN.  We had -35 degree wind chills last season.  The school was not designed to encourage or even allow students to be outside during school hours for the purpose of getting from one class to another.  He has an end locker in Freshman Academy.  (They keep most of the freshman together in one end of the building to reduce the walking between classes.)  He can’t even get to it half of the time.  An END LOCKER – next to NOTHING. Instead he carries a 40lb backpack all day long.  He stores sweatshirts in his locker because he only needs those after school when it’s “less crowded and easier to get to.”

I have 12 more years of high school in my future.  My youngest is in Grade 1.  I am voting for the referendum.  Because I need my children to have a building that will accommodate them.  I may not be in agreement with everything on the referendum…I may be.  That is my business.  A solution is there and we need to grab it now.

See.  Positive campaigning.  Not bashing.  I can do it.  So why can’t everyone else????  Whatever way you choose to vote – you should take the opportunity.  We shouldn’t take for granted our right to vote.  It’s truly a privilege.

EJ out – to GO VOTE!


  1. LOVE this, and I’d be angry too if my kid felt the need to walk OUTSIDE in the freezing temps just to get to class. Great post, Joy!!!

  2. I agree with you. I think that political commercials should involve the candidate talking about themselves only, not their opponent. But we both know that’s not going to happen.
    I am enjoying my first year in a family where we are all old enough to vote. Commercials may be negative and misleading, but the conversation around the dinner table is pretty cool!

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