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Travel Time

We are hitting the road once again. When I tell people we’re driving to Colorado to snowboard they assume we live near Colorado. “How far of a drive is it for you?” I am frequently asked.

“15 hours.”

“Whaaaaaaa? As much as you go, I thought you lived closer than that! You must really like to snowboard!”

Yes I do. We all do. And we drive because – honestly – flying with a family of six, oversized bags (times six), renting a vehicle (big enough to hold six plus those oversized bags), and then coming home again is too much. We load up our vehicle – pretty much have it down to a science by now – listen to podcasts and comedians – and drive.

We actually connect a little bit now and again while trapped inside one vehicle for the day. It isn’t constant, if isn’t always perfect, but we bond over comedy, music, and even couple of NPR shows that inspire conversation. I know time is quickly passing and my kids will be moving out and onto their next stage in life. Sooner than later.

I treasure our time in the car. The miles may be long and the butts numb but my heart is full and there’s usually a smile on my face. So bring on the road trips. Let’s see some of this country and get some snowboarding in along the way!

What’s your favorite mode of travel with your family?

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  1. Joy….I have driven hundreds of thousands of mile around this Country in search of fishing holes. I like road trips.

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