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TToT #27

So Lizzi at Considerings does this awesome Ten Things of Thankful (#TToT) each weekend.  This time she upped the challenge because she made it a contest!  After the awesome little pic there in the middle are the question she asked and the answers I gave…..Read on people.  And have a great weekend!
I’m so thankful for a number of things.
1.  Lizzi and this list.
2.  My weekend snowboarding – it was cold as hell – wait – it was cold as the inverse of hell – but it was fun.
3.  Dr. Evil being so into cooking – I don’t have to on the weekends.
4.  Eldest Female Spawn being so patient with Littlest Spawn on the hills.  I wasn’t so patient but she was.  And Littlest LOVES boarding with her.
5.  A secret for a friend – super excited but can’t spill the beans because it’s a Christmas present for her family.
6.  Coffee with sweet cream creamer to warm me up after snowboarding.
7.  Wine to numb the boo-boos from snowboarding after I’ve warmed up.
8.  No dog poo-poo to clean up – thankfully he’s feeling better!
9.  Laundry.  As silly as it is – we have clothes to wear and a washing machine and dryer to deal with them.
10.  Snow.  I love snow.  I love cold – and by golly – it’s -4 degrees Fahrenheit.  I’d say that qualifies.
Have a great weekend my Evil Lovies…..
Ten Things of Thankful
So part of the deal this week is to answer the questions about the co-hosts.  Below are the questions and my answers – along with my reason for said answer.

1. This co-host cannot STAND an open door, and feels decidedly uncomfortable in a room where one is open.

 Joy because even this is isn’t about me – it describes me!

2. This co-host learned to whistle before being able even to walk or talk.

Kristi because I chose the first one on the list.

3. This co-host risked life and limb walking down the hill of a HUGE roller-coaster, which had broken mid-ride.

Dyanne since Dy is in her name and she risked Life…..

4. This co-host is VERY spooked by cats and doesn’t like them at all. Cats LOVE her, though. All cats. All the time.

K2 because K2 makes me think of ‘Kitty Kitty’

5. This co-host was a member of her High-School debate team.

Joy  because as a Joy I can debate anything to the death!

6. This co-host traded kisses with a neighbour when they were both six years old. Oh, and the kisses were on the ASS!

Lizzi – I think we talked about this once….

7. This co-host taught in a school for the hearing-impaired.

Melissa – because you were the first name and I don’t recall which of you did…

8. This co-host has two dead hamsters in a toilet-roll middle, in the freezer.

Zoe because my niece (not the one named Zoe but another niece) had this situation when my daughter was born – we almost named there the name of the hamsters – Lucy Mae – we went with Charlotte

9. This co-host was born in a taxi-cab on the way to the hospital.

Clark – seems sort of like a Clark Griswald story….

10.This co-host once got stuck in a bog, lost her boots and had to go to a piano lesson with half her clothes missing (because mud).

Lizzi – don’t know where any bogs are so…..”


  1. *snorks* I LOVE that you’ve justified your decisions. That’s so cool 😀

    Your list sounds very cold, but also as though you’re having a LOT of fun. I liked seeing the pics in your FB updates through the day, as well (how stalkerish does THAT sound!?!) and I’m glad you’re having a lovely time, apart from the boo-boos. 🙂

  2. snowboarding, booze and a guy to cook on a weekend…nirvana.

  3. Jealous you were snowboarding- I haven’t gone in ages and my board is collecting dust. Hopefully I’ll go this winter!

  4. I don’t like cold weather. I like to see snow falling and it’s beautiful on the ground and I LOVE snow days, but then I’m done with it. Take it away and give my warmth. But I’m thankful there are people like YOU who enjoy it. And can snowboard, which would require a lot more coordination than I possess.

  5. gotta go with the scott on this one, totally not enjoying frozen water stuck in the trees and what the hell is the deal with people who leave the snow on the roof of their cars, scraping only the front and back windows. (although the initial aerodynamic shape is pretty cool).

    • I agree with the assessment of the cool aerodynamic shape. My 6th grade, 8th grade and 12 grade science fair projects originated with the wind principles of snow and buildings. And aerodynamics. And Bernoulli’s principle.

      And I love the snow. But it sooo freaks me out when the block of snow/ice comes flying at me 70 mph as I rush towards it in my truck. The sheer panic of not being able to see is horrific!

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