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Two in Double Digits….


Evil Joy here with a post on Election Day….or as it’s known in our house…Eldest Female Spawn’s Birthday EVE.

Tomorrow…I will have two spawn in double digits.  She’s going to be 10.  WTHeck?  When did that happen?


She may be the one who gives me a reason to post some days…but she is so very special to me.  Eldest Female Spawn has the biggest heart, the kindest soul, and the sweetest hugs of anyone I know.  I am blessed to have her in my life.

Evil Awesome Amy came over bearing chocolate sugar cookies in the shape of horses for us to decorate.  I added my attempt at flowers….together we ended up with….













EJ out – to check on Eldest Female Spawn – really – just to watch her sleep – she’s so very peaceful when she rests…..


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  1. Aww happy birthday Eldest Female Spawn!!

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