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Unplugged…Sort Of….

Day 1 : I saw an unfamiliar face in the living room. Unsure of why I was seeing this face at this particular time of day I went into to high alert status. He flopped on the couch with his unfamiliar face and said, “Mom, the wifi isn’t working.”

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 1.54.36 PM

Day 2 : Again I saw this now slightly more familiar daytime face standing in the kitchen. For an extended period of time. Once again unsure of the situation I warily approached and asked, “How’s everything going today? You’re hanging around more and I like it.” To which he answered, “I restarted the router, unplugged and replugged everything, rebooted everything and still, the wifi won’t work.”

Day 2 – nightfall : All six of us gathered in one room to watch a family movie. In its entirety. The whole thing. All six of us stayed in one room and watched a movie from start to finish. The cable continued to function so why the wifi wasn’t working remained an unsolved mystery.

Day 3 : I saw workers on the side of the highway working on what I presume is the internet access box to our area. They’d been there for a few days but in my frantic mom taxi state I hadn’t paid them any attention. As they were still working I had an answer to the now familiar, “Mom, the wifi STILL isn’t working.” statement.

Day 4 : I got a text. “Mom will you please call Baldwin and find out when the wifi is going to work? I was gone all summer and now football. I just want to play my game a little!” I was rather occupied that day and the wifi was not a priority for me. “I’ll check on it today or tomorrow. Please mow the yard and take the dogs for a walk. Feel free to have your little sisters come with you on the walk.”

Day 5 : Okay now I am getting annoyed. I’m trying to post reviews, download books to review, and write a blog post for the first time in months. And I can’t. Well I can, but I can’t post them from home. I actually went to a coffee shop to work on quickbooks. Hey…this whole gig isn’t too bad. Cheap but fabulous coffee, comfy chairs, and headphones….I may have to keep the wifi unplugged after they fix it! Nah – I like to write my blog posts in the middle of the night and I doubt Caribou would appreciate me knocking on the door at 3am.

Day 6 : “Mom did you call yet?” to which I respond “Ask your Dad to deal with it – I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off to get you all to where you need to be and then back home again so you can get changed to get to the next place!” I was met with, “Okay Mom, I was just asking!!!”

Day 7 : “Did you deal with Baldwin yesterday? I told Eldest to ask you.” Dr. Evil replied, “I told him to ask you to deal with it.” Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Day 8 : “Hi. This is Joy. Our wifi hasn’t been working in over a week since we saw people working on the box near our home. Our cable appears to be functioning, although poorly and for the price of the service this is also unacceptable. Our upload and download speeds have been well below the parameters for which we signed up. Please let me know your plan and how this will be addressed on our bill next month. We’ve been without the full service we pay for for more than a week.”I would greatly appreciate a call back.

Day 9 : Found a yellow “We were here while you were away” service card. I was informed our router was bad. ┬áIt’s not. I know it works. However we had been completely disconnected from the network and had to go through the log in process that is a “one time” thing when you initially sign up for service. Once Dr. Evil figured that out we were cooking with gas again.

Doh! Wonder how long we were really and truly without service. Our neighborhood has a Facebook page (shut up – it’s awesome!) and there were comments the first few days about lack of service but nothing after Day 3. Oh well, I’ll happily take the extra time I got to see Eldest’s face at unusual times of the day.

And even now that it’s working, he’s making more appearances, flopping on the couch and hanging out.

I totally dig being sort of unplugged.

EJ out – to return a video more than a week overdue! Hello library fines!


  1. LOVE that unexpected family time. But I’m secretly glad you’re back online!

  2. Sometimes I wish for the wifi to go out. It can be good for everyone!

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