The Female Spawn and I will play!

Dr. Evil and Eldest Spawn are away on one of their Boy Scout weekends.

So I decided us girls just “wanna have fun!”  We started the night by playing taxi cab – picked up from school – sleep over friend included.  Eldest Female Spawn went to a gymnastics lock in – Second Eldest had a playdate – and Littlest – she just got to control the tv for an hour – that doesn’t EVER happen.

Sleep over.  Bedtime Stories.  Cuddles in the morning.


Now..I’m off to pack lunch for our favorite winter haunt.  We’re heading to Afton.  I will…WILL – I say – conquer taking Littlest Spawn up the bunny hill chair lift.

I. Am. Terrified.

Last time – only time – we tried together – she fell off.  At the bottom.  About 3 feet from the ground.  But she didn’t let go … just hung by one arm.  I jumped off the chair and grabbed her after picking my clumsy arse off the ground.  We got right back on the chair and rode to the top.  A very kind employee told us we could ask them to stop the chair at the top to glide off.  I asked.  He stopped it – a little short.  She wouldn’t get off so I basically shoved her off and right onto her little bum.  She was very…..irritated with me.  I fell getting off because I was desperately trying to not go down the hill as we were a little ways from the platform.  Then we worked on turns all the way down the hill and she did wonderfully.  I made Dr. Evil take her up again a few times, but I’d lost my nerve.

Today.  Nerve.  You’re mine.  We will do this.  WE. WILL. RIDE.THE.LIFT.

I have spoken…thus it shall be.

IMG_3732 IMG_3733

And I get to wear this awesome hat Awesome Amy made for my ginormous head!  (Really – I have a big head and hats are hard to find.)


EJ out – to pack a healthy lunch!!!

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