Evil Joy here – quick short post for once…

Littlest Spawn is following the Evil Advanced Track.  Exponential Learning Occuring.  Yikes.

Eldest Spawn arrived home from middle school to find Evil Joy and Littlest Spawn on the trampoline.  He joined in the bouncing fun.  Devolved into a tickling match.

Littlest Spawn grabbed Eldest Spawn’s Evil Nasty Feet and ripped off the most Evil Nasty Socks.

And proceeded to :

SHOVE THEM IN HIS FACE AND GIGGLED “Smell this nastiness Big Brother!”

Eldest Spawn and Evil Joy were equally grossed out and impressed by her quick thinking!

Yikes.  Maybe need to attend Mass more than once a week with this little one….

Evil Joy out – to save the world from Littlest Spawn.